Ami Brown: Star of Alaskan Bush People Diagnosed With Cancer

What was just a sad rumor, turned out to be an unfortunate reality, when Discovery Channel series confirmed these bad news about Ami Brown, star of Alaskan Bush People.

Brown lives in the deep Alaskan wilderness with her family. They have a reality show on Discovery channel, that is now in its 7th season.

According to the show’s official synopsis, this family is so far from the civilization, that they often go up to nine months without seeing an outsider.

During Wednesday’s episode, which was very emotional, this family discovered that Ami has been diagnosed with lung cancer. During this episode, her husband Billy stated “Ami started getting sick months ago and we didn’t know what it was, but it changed from the point of ‘something’s wrong’ to ‘something’s really wrong,’ ”

Season 7 of this show started filming a little less than three months ago, and it premiered last week, showing Ami who is 53, undergoing a biopsy, after scans had shown a worrying mass in her lungs.

Her eldest daughter, Bird (22 years old) is optimistic, and said in Wednesday’s episode that “Everybody, of course, knows that it will come out good — so we just have to be strong,” as she waited with her siblings for their parents to come back home with biopsy results.  Ami’s seven grown children Matt, Gabe, Bear, Bam, Noah, Bird, and Rain were all optimistic that all will turn out fine.

Sadly, when their son Bear, who is 30, approached the car with a flower for his mother, it was clear that everything is not ok.

“Seeing mom and dad get out of the car I … kind of already get a feeling that it hasn’t gone too well,” says eldest son Matt, 34. “In one way, I can say that everything in my life has prepared me for this moment. In another way, nothing can.”

Ami’s husband, Billy (64), told his kids immediately “Not good. Not good at all,” and continued to explain devastating news “They’ve got to do some more tests and stuff and what they can see is stage 3 cancer. She could easily be stage 4.”

Stage four is the final stage of cancer, and it basically means that the patient doesn’t have much time left.

Their daughter Rain (14) said that “I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what you’ve been through. I don’t care how old you are. If you hear that your mother has cancer, it’s going to shock you,” and added that she only wishes that she could change this somehow, as she is very frightened for Ami.

“She doesn’t want to be a burden on someone,” Billy said about his wife. “That’s not Ami. Ami is to take the burden away and take care of everything, but she has to admit to herself that she can’t be that right now. It’s just time for us to pay it back to her right now, it’s all I think we can do.”

Ami added to that “Bill and the kids are very loving and supportive. They’re all worried. I tell them, don’t worry. Please don’t worry. Be happy … keep the faith. Good or bad, it’s God’s will and we’ll walk that road.” She is hopeful and plans to fight the vicious illness. Through tears, she said that she wants to be there to see her kids become successful and happy, hold her children’s babies and to hear their laughter.

Alaskan BushBilly and Ami spent a good part of an episode discussing and weighing their options – whether they will leave the bush and go back to society for Ami’s treatment, or not. For them, this is earth shattering, one of the hardest things they will even have to do.

Over the next few weeks, Ami will go through lung cancer treatment. Ami and Billy will move to the civilization for her treatments, but after she gets better, they will go back to the bush and their family home.

Ever since the news about her diagnosis came, many people have taken to social media in an attempt to share their love and support for this mother of seven. Discovery Channel also set up a website where fans can send letters to the Browns, and Ami in particular. This family has a lot of fighting in front of them, so we hope all ends well.

The family decided not to hide anything from the public, so we will have a chance to see how the treatment goes each week on Discovery.

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