American Horror Story Season 7, Release Date, Updates, the Theme for the Plot to be Aquatic, Fan Theories!

The much-loved American horror anthology, American Horror Story: Roanoke, marked its season finale previous month. However, it appears that fans loved the season 6 so much that they can’t wait for American Horror Story season 7 to arrive.

They have already started speculating about what is to come in the season 7. As of now this unique anthology series has already been given a green signal for the renewal of its seventh season. Even though the details about the contents of American Horror Story Season 7, has been unavailable, that is not stopping fans excitement.

A lot of things are bouncing about in the heads of the horror TV fanatics. In a recent conversation with Ryan Murphy, the writer of the American Horror Story writer, chatting about what’s in store ahead, teasing about a secret season and suggesting a return to Coven.

If we remember the big finale of the Season 6 of American Horror Story, then we will recall a preview of a ghost ship being shown. That scene has fans speculating that maybe there was a connection between season 7 of American Horror Story and the ship.

The word on the street is that the plot or theme of American Horror Story, season 7 will revolve around S.S. Ourang Medan. The story goes that a certain ship was cruising through the Strait of Malacca, received a radio message, from a certain Dutch freighter, S.S. Ourang.

What was interesting was that the transcript read that the officers and the captain were all dead. Possibly all the members of the crew too were dead, and the transcription ended with the words “I die.”

After the Season 6 ending, teasers were released comprising of a video clip that displayed what were possibly underwater dead bodies or a sunken ship. This paved the way for fan theories and speculations regarding a scary sea monster. However, contrary to this, some are insinuating that American Horror Story Season 7 could also be a real alien season.

Having known Ryan Murphy, fans are almost certain that he is not going to settle for a simple story. There is still ample amount of time for more American Horror Story Season 7 theories to surface out of the heads of fans and with the passage of time, one can only expect the imaginations of the lovers of the TV series to run wild with ideas.

In spite of having no official synopsis for the season 7 of American Horror Story, judging from the teasers that were released, the storyline of this upcoming season of the anthology show might be different from other seasons. One thing is for sure, this time around the theme is going to be aquatic.

American Horror Story Season 7

According to Howard Phillips Lovecraft, who happens to have written novels about sea monsters like Cthulhu, conjures up another idea that states that season 7 of American Horror Story can also feature a sea monster that sleeps underwater. The upcoming season might also depict monsters that can communicate with humans in their dreams.

Now, getting back to the S.S. Ourang theory, while the ship’s country of origin was Dutch and not American, the ships that captured the radio signals were USA’s Silver Star. When rescue boats arrived on the scene, they found no one was alive on the ship, and the rescuers witnessed a dreadful site.

The ship was jumbled with corpses that were on their backs, faces stupefied with mouths and eyes wide open, even that of the dogs.

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