Amazing Spider-Man 3 News: Asa Butterfield Not Playing the Main Role!

Reports claim that Marvel are in favor of Charlie Plummer, while at the same time Sony want to get Tom Holland in the role. So far, there hasn’t been any middle ground reached in the discussions, and the studios continue to negotiate who they are going to hire.

According to reports, this is actually the main reason why we haven’t seen any announcement of the casting choice, as the studios can’t come to an acceptable solution that works best for all of them. In the end, it seems like it’s a matter of opinions at this point more than anything, not a question of actor merit.

Which might be a bit sad, because it would mean that any choice the fans get in the end will be dictated by internal politics above all, and not entirely by the quality of performance that the actor can bring or his suitability for the role. Of course, with a lineup like that, this is a bit of a moot point as any actor they might choose will work great for the role.

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