Amazing Spider-Man 3 Moving Forward, Reportedly Enters Casting Stage!

This might be as good as an official confirmation that “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” is being worked on, even though recent rumors were pointing in the opposite direction. It’s been recently reported that the film is going ahead with its production, and has already entered the casting stage. According to reports, Bill Beckman Casting is responsible for handling that aspect of the development, although exact details on potential casting decisions remain unclear.

There have already been rumors about the possibilities for the film’s lead character, as it was reported that Andrew Garfield would not be coming back to reprise his role. According to the information that was reportedly released by Bill Beckman Casting, however, Andrew Garfield has been listed as performing in the lead role, while Dane DeHaan would be playing alongside him. The official description doesn’t seem to point out anything unexpected about the casting choices for the film, so other than confirming that Andrew Garfield is coming back, it doesn’t share anything else interesting.

It’s actually a pretty typical, broad casting call for actors, listing 18-65 as acceptable ages, so it seems to be a general casting request for the majority of the film’s roles. No other details have been specified, so it’s likely that the studio is going to fill a lot of roles through this casting process, and it could very well be the only round of casting that the production will need.

Industry experts have been pointing out that the casting call is a clear indicator that the film is about to enter its actual shooting stages very soon, or this might already be happening if some of the more important roles have been filmed. Major film productions aren’t filmed sequentially, and if the main actors are already on board, it’s entirely plausible that some of the more important scenes have already been completed. Of course, given what is publicly known about the schedules of Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan, it would be a bit tricky for them to have pulled this off.

The Amazing Spider Man 3

There has been a lot of attention on the film ever since rumors about it started going around, and many have been both excited as well as worried to see how the production could end up, given the recent past of the franchise. While the first film was quite good and came out to favorable reviews, the second installment in the series was a disaster in terms of reception and box office performance. The new film has a lot to make up for, so it’s safe to assume that if its producers want to make a good impression, they would be going above and beyond their best efforts right now.

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