Agent Carter Season 2 Details Explained by Producers!

It seems like a lot is planned for the second season of “Agent Carter”, and the show is moving forward quite fast in its development. The producers apparently have lots of ideas that they are toying around with, and while it’s pretty clear that there is a lot of activity behind the scenes of the show, fans on the other hand have been wondering what they can expect, and have been actively speculating on the future developments that will come in season 2.

Recently, we’ve seen some official discussions about these issues too, particularly by Hayley Atwell and James D’Arcy, who took some time to talk about some of the show’s plot elements in an interview. One of the topics they discussed was the Darkforce, which is coming over from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time ever, and the show’s executive producer – Michele Fazekas – explained that it’s a substance that has different effects on different people.

One of the main tasks that Peggy will have in the new season will be to discover the true nature of the substance, and it looks like the story will pay a lot of attention to that particular aspect. In addition, Fazekas said that some characters on the show don’t understand what Darkforce is when they come in contact with it, and they had put in a lot of research on it in order to understand its properties better.

At this point, even its basic physical properties have been put under question – we don’t know if it’s liquid, solid or smoke, however according to Fazekas, it might be related to energy research in some way. On the other hand, Tara Butters said that in the 1940s, atomic energy was being deeply and actively researched, and people were looking left and right for new sources of energy. It’s possible that they may have stumbled upon the Darkforce at some point during their research into a new type of energy-providing material.

In addition, we might see Peggy meeting some new people, including some that may end up developing into romantic relationships. According to Fazekas, her new relationship is going to be “complicated”, and it’s not going to be a normal situation where she just meets someone new and falls in love directly.

A report by TVOverMind had Atwell claiming that the next season is going to be “lots of fun”, and expressing a lot of excitement about the new episodes. According to her, Peggy has moved on from the death of Steve Rogers, and she’s currently at a better place in her life. In addition, her character is now ready to get romantically involved with others, so we might see that becoming a more prominent part of the storyline in season 2.

Some fans have been worried about how the character is going to move on in the new season, but it looks like she won’t be troubled for long, as she’s ready to get back on her feet now. Her development has been quite interesting to watch lately, and we’re interested to see what else the new season might bring for her.

agent carter season 2

And indeed, Atwell also said that Peggy will be more confident and will have grown to some extent in season 2, and she will fight harder now. In the first season, she proved what she’s capable of, and now she realizes her own value as an agent, and is going to put that to good use. However, there will still be some challenges ahead of her, and she’ll have to fight even harder to overcome some of those.

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