No Final Fantasy 15 News at E3, Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy 7 Remake!

“Final Fantasy 15” is a highly anticipated title and there’s no denying that, but fans of the franchise have been requesting something else for quite a long time, even before talks of the latest sequel came up. “Final Fantasy 7” has been up for a remake for a while now, and it’s been years since fans first started asking this from Square Enix. Since then, we haven’t heard anything official about such a project other than the occasional vague rumor – and now, the studio has finally come forward with the title at E3.

The series has evolved quite a lot since “Final Fantasy 7” came out – a long time has passed since then, and technology has developed significantly as well. This has allowed the most recent versions of the game to look remarkably better than what was considered adequate 18 years ago when “Final Fantasy 7” was released, so we can expect the remake to come with lots of improvements on the graphical front. The trailer that was shown at E3 certainly seems to indicate that, but of course we need to wait for the actual game to form a realistic opinion.

We don’t know exactly when the game is coming out, and it’ll probably be a while before it hits the market, but Square Enix have at least confirmed that they are already working on it. However, they didn’t want to go into detail on how far along they were on the production, so it may or may not be ready for a 2015 release. In any case, we would be surprise if its development goes on beyond 2016.

While it’s going to be a timed exclusive for the PS4, nothing was said about other platforms – and Sony were vague about the expiration of the exclusivity period. It’s entirely possible that we’ll see the game on other platforms at some point though.

It’s also not clear how different the remake is going to be compared to the original – it may be a bit more than just a graphical upgrade, as Square Enix have been hinting at deeper changes. Tetsuya Nomura stated that a simple refreshing of its graphics won’t do it justice, so the studio is aiming at something more.

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Even the plot may be different from the original to some extent, and while the studio didn’t clarify how much exactly they are going to change the storyline, this might put the new game in the territory of reboots and it may not be just a remake. There is certainly nothing wrong with that, as long as they handle the production appropriately and with respect to the original – and another announcement gives a lot of reassurance about that.

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