Activision to Compete with Clash of Clans with a Call of Duty Spin-Off!

“Clash of Clans” is one of the most popular online mobile games, and its huge fanbase has attracted the attention of a few major companies – including publisher Activision, who are behind the major franchise “Call of Duty”. It seems that the company wants to get their fair share of the market currently owned by “Clash of Clans”, as they have released a similar game based on the “Call of Duty” franchise, called “Call of Duty: Heroes”.

The game’s existence has been known for a while, ever since Activision announced in August along with a pre-release version. The release of “Heroes” comes shortly after “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”, which came with its own companion app for the iOS, although the new game is unrelated to that platform.

The gameplay of “Call of Duty: Heroes” is similar to that of the game it’s based on, and it revolves around setting up a base, building up an army of soldiers, and leading them into battle with various enemies. The game features numerous characters from the “Call of Duty” series who will be instantly recognized by fans of the previous games, and each hero featured in the game is unique in how they play, from their upgrades to the killstreaks they can use.

Speaking of killstreaks, those are taken straight from the “Call of Duty” games, and feature various familiar gadgets such as the UAV, Drone Strike, Dragonfire and more. The Chopper Gunner, a fan favorite from the “Modern Warfare” series, makes a return as well. The overall number of killstreaks is rather low, although they have all been implemented with a lot of attention to detail, and each feels nice and powerful to use, just like they do in the original “Call of Duty” games. Dropping air-based streaks is as fun as always.

Bases are upgradable with a variety of buildings, mostly aimed at providing extra defense. Players can build anti-ground as well as anti-air defense structures, including SAM sites. Defending bases can be done either alone, or with the help of other players once an alliance has been formed.

Clash of Clans

Meanwhile, “Clash of Clans” itself has been losing players due to being plagued with a growing number of hackers. The game seems to have become a popular target for programmers of cheats, as a quick Google search is enough to show numerous cheating tools available for free download. Players have been expressing frustration with the situation at various online messaging boards, and while there doesn’t seem to be a solution on the horizon, the scene of “Call of Duty: Heroes” seems much more appropriate at the moment, and has been successfully attracting new players.

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