Abigail Spencer Killed It In ‘This Is Where I Leave You’

For the next few times that you see Abigail Spencer on the television or big screen you are going to be thinking about her in the nude, pleasuring herself for someone. The videos cruised around the internet just about as fast as the bandwidth could carry them, but it would appear that the True Detective star might finally be getting passed the scandal that did nothing more for her than make more people aware of how hot she was.

Other than being completley busy with the new season of True Detective, the actor has made her way into at least one movie where she plays the wife of Jason Bateman’s character in a dysfunctional family based comedy. Even though the interaction between the two of them is not very funny, she does play a good part in the movie and he acting skills come to light quickly. In the movie, she plays Quinn Altman and she is found to be sleeping with her husband’s (Bateman) boss for the last year.

This all comes to light just when Judd Altman (Bateman) is feeling very good about where he is in life and even though he just lost his father, things are looking up. During this time, the family is forced by their mother, played by Jane Fonda, to sit shiva and that is when the dysfunction really stands out. Judd does not tell anyone that he is going to be getting a divorce from Quinn and that just keeps the tension at an all time high.

Abigail Spencer’s role is a main one, but as a whole her part is short as the majority of the movie is based on all of the other problems that the rest of the family is having. There is plenty of cheating and one of the family members comes out as gay by the end of the movie. Very interesting to say the least and even though it was reviewed well by critics, it did not get that much attention.

Abigail Spencer

Abigail Spencer is not a stranger to the spotlight having been in television and movies since 2000, but the scandal that surrounded her being nude in front of her phone for someone was one that many thought she was not going to overcome anytime soon. Just like children, the internet forgets quickly, even though there is a permanent record somewhere and the buzz moves to some other story. That is probably the best thing that can happen for Abigail Spencer.

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