Abigail Spencer is Unaffected by the ‘Leaked Video Episode’ and is Focusing Solely On Her Career

Abigail Spencer, a well-known actress, who appeared in films like Cowboys and Aliens, This Means War and Oz the Great and Powerful, has suddenly found herself in the limelight and not for the good reasons.

The notorious hacker who had revealed nude photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good, Amber Heard and soccer star Hope Solo, has revealed ex-rated videos of Spencer.

The hacker gained access to iCloud and has leaked innumerable legitimate private photos of female celebrities. The first wave saw images of actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco leaked all over the internet. The second wave of the “Fappening” episode, as the media has since called it, saw photos of Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and videos of Abigail Spencer, surfacing.

While some celebrities have lashed out at the violation of personal space, some have denied the authenticity of the photos, a few like Abigail Spencer, have decided to keep quiet and let the hype die down.

FBI sources have said that they have found out how such photos were leaked, but haven’t got enough leads to pinpoint an individual.

Abigail Spencer is unaffected with her x-rated videos doing the rounds. She is busy focusing on her career and waiting for the scandal to pass. She made an appearance at TheWrap’s media leadership conference and spoke about her powerful character in the Rectify. She spoke how television is focusing on powerful women characters. She said she was lucky to play the role of Suzanne Farrell in Mad Men and is now playing the role of Amantha Holden on Rectify.

The actress sat with executive editor Joseph Kapsch, at the media leadership conference at Montage in Beverly Hills and spoke about her career in films and television. She said that she read numerous scripts over the years, although, most of them were bad. She was lucky to have been offered the role of Amantha Holden in Rectify; a very powerful character to be seen on television in recent times.

Abigail Spencer

Amantha is a sister. She fights for her brother, Daniel’s innocence after he is wrongly imprisoned. The show starts off from where it is found that there is DNA evidence to show that Daniel wasn’t the only one at the crime scene.

Abigail Spencer has numerous fans, and one of them is the AMC Network’s president and CEO, Josh Sapan. Sapan had come up to her and had gushed about being a huge fan of Rectify and Amantha Holden, and it was only later that Spencer realised who he was. She described him as a rather handsome man and gushed about how good a boss he is and how it was a worthy experience working with him.


  1. Ms. Spencer is an enormously talented actress. Her work is often understated (in the best sense), so it seems to have been overlooked for years. She picks great projects though, and really adds a lot of subtle depth to her characters.

    1. Indeed. However the video of her stroking her pussy and nipple at the same time really brings her to a whole other level. Very underrated!

  2. Miss Spencer is a one refined class act lady, she’s sexy, she’s intelligent, and gave no attention to media drama, her videos does prove that she is a incredible sensuos woman but didn’t give the time of day to the scandal and she also did not stoop low and called “perverts” or “sex offenders” those who saw her videos. I’m a huge fan of her now….

  3. I grew up in the same small town she did and we’re only a year apart. Even growing up, she was beautiful, talented and classy. She was also a very nice person with a good heart.

  4. The consequences of this are unfathomable for her precious 6-year-old son.
    Prayers for his daddy who is raising him, while his mommy pursues her dreams. So terribly sad. Wish she could focus on something more meaningful than her career and sexual needs. Her parents didn’t raise her for this.

  5. Love her on timeless and now that I’ve seen her playing with herself she is one timeless beauty I will never forget, that’s for sure, she is classy and sexy!

  6. I wish all women were as sexual as Abigail, her video is soooo sensual and erotic, I had to rub-one out pronto !

  7. …With that said, I question her judgment. Everybody knows what passes thru the web is forever, & since the videos were likely done after having her child, I question her mental state as a narcissist, & I suspect she “leaked” them herself. I hope I’m wrong. Either way, she’s still a sexy beast !

    1. You are a lying sack of human garbage that should be tortured and killed in the most brutal of ways!!

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