50-Year-Old Ken Shamrock to Fight in Bare-Knuckle Boxing Match Just to Promote His Fitness Drink

This has got to be the best type of publicity for a technical fitness drink or Ken Wayne Shamrock, the godfather of MMA and a UFC Hall of Famer, is already losing it in trying to court a major physical disaster given his tender age.

Though it looks more like the 50-year-old Ken Shamrock has become a businessman than a fighter in this case.

Apparently, he will be fighting James Quinn McDonagh, another veteran of the sport and widely regarded as UK’s bare-knuckle legend, in a bare-knuckle boxing match to be held in the United Kingdom sometime in April to promote his drink called “Shamrock Slam.”

“Shamrock Slam” is a 25-calorie, sugarless beverage which can be considered as a sports drink, or technical fitness drink as Shamrock describes it, according to Uproxx.

World’s most dangerous man

Regarded during his MMA prime as the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Man,’ Shamrock is a powerhouse in the sports and has in his arsenal some of the nastiest submission maneuvers, reports SB Nation Bloody Elbow.

But during the twilight of his career, Shamrock has become a sorry sight to behold. He has been at the receiving end of countless and often bloody beatdowns that fans would rather see him off the Octagon than on it.

Now, Shamrock decides to fight McDonagh in a contest that McDonagh has been known to dominate during his fighting heydays.

One of the many who have held the mythical title of “King of Travellers,” McDonagh was given that recognition for fighting in just about any place, whether at the back yard or on the fields, with anybody, and beating most of them to a pulp. He is widely respected within the Irish travelling community because of his accomplishments as a bare knuckle boxer.

It seems like Shamrock is up for more extended beatdowns when he meets McDonagh in the latter’s very own game. Unless his technical fitness drink does something fantastic and help turn things around for him during the match. Now, that would be a really good publicity for the drink, wouldn’t it?

Shamrock, as an MMA fighter and a former wrestler of the WWE, is familiar with ground strikes and grappling maneuvers but hardly has the fighting style to be a straight boxing fighter like McDonagh. So it is expected that Shamrock will be completely overwhelmed and overmatched.

More to the fight than promoting a drink?

ken shamrock

So why is Shamrock going to do bare-knuckle boxing then? More than promoting his fitness drink, the former MMA fighter will also be making a good amount of money with the fight as the sport reportedly rakes in good money in the UK and in several parts of Europe – the Euro kind of money that is.

Bare knuckle boxing has a good following in the UK and Shamrock wants to dip his hands into it too. Problem is, he will be fighting against the sports’ most fearsome competitor in recent years.

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