2016 Toyota Tacoma Looks Different, Is Ready For Detroit Auto Show!

The Toyota Tacoma has been around for a few years now and is one of the top selling pickup trucks in the United States. For the most part, the truck has looked the same since it arrived on the market back in 2005. Tens years later, the truck still makes the top 3 of just about all auto ratings in the nation. With that being said, apparently someone thinks that it is time for a change and according to the rumors, the 2016 Toyota Tacoma will feature a new design.

Most auto makers will not reveal anything about new models until the popular Detroit Auto Show starts, but that is not the case with the 2016 Toyota Tacoma. Toyota revealed a redesigned Tacoma, one that consumers will see in full at the auto show coming in at January 12th. An actual release date has not been announced, but it is expected to rank right up there with other compact trucks like the Chevy Colorado and the Canyon from GMC when it arrives.

Other than the short video clip that was released by the company, other information will not likely be sent out before the auto show. The images that were released do point to a new design and like one source mentioned, it looks like a more “aggressive look for the truck” overall. The headlights are more narrow and the grille has an angular appeal to it. Another source commented that the new designs could be taken from the 4Runner SUV.

Other than some design upgrades, another thing that is fact is that both the Access Cab and Double Cab models will be released. At this point Toyota still offers a regular style cab, but rumors suggest that could go away with the 2016 models. For the most part, the extra cab space has become a standard in the truck world, giving consumers extra room and reasons to forget about a regular cab. Since the model has not be redesigned since 2005, the pricing and other full specifications are not easy to assume at this point.

2016 Toyota Tacoma

During the auto show in Detroit next month, the company will reveal more about the truck and according to one source, the 2016 Toyota Tacoma will easily breath new life into a marketplace with few options to choose from. Honda is also going to release the Ridgeline, plus GM is expected to step up to the plate with new models of compact trucks for consumers this next year.

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