2016 Ford Bronco Rumors Stopped According To Source!

Ford has been producing cars and trucks for the last 100 years and there are a few names that are well known when you talk about the Ford Motor Company.  One of those names is the Ford Bronco.  The Bronco first came to the automotive marketplace back in 1966 and was produced all the way up to 1996 to varying successes for the company.  After that, Ford moved on to the Bronco II and eventually to the Ford Escape that you see on the streets today.

Originally, the Bronco was released in two sizes, one smaller than the other full sized Bronco that many took off the streets to try it out in the mud.  Since 1997 and the rise of fuel costs all over the country, Ford was forced to stop production of that model and move on to something more compact, fuel efficient and something the family could still use.  The Ford Escape was born and it has been a top seller for Ford since 2013.  New rumors have started to float around in regards to a new 2016 Ford Bronco and even though it might have excited a few fans of the brand, one source claims that it is not going to happen.

According to this source, Four Wheeler magazine took an image of the new Ford Atlas into Photoshop and created the “2016 Ford Bronco” that everyone keeps seeing pop up on the internet every few months.  The story was run many months ago and at first people thought it was real, but that was short lived.  Every now and again, someone sees it and posts it to Twitter or Facebook and that revives the rumors.  The original “new Bronco” was meant as a joke and the source claims that it was even mentioned that way in the story.

Ford was asked about the new Bronco, of course, and the company replied stating that even though the company values the Bronco name, it has no plans to release a new model at this time.  With that being said, where have the rumors gone at this time?  The new Bronco rumors have been turned into something new and it comes in the form of a new pickup truck.

2016 Ford Bronco

The new Ford Troller is expected to be made for the American Marketplace and will be considered the next-gen Bronco.  It will come with more than one engine option and be built by Ford’s SVT.  To go along with the two engine options it will also come with two transmission options, manual and automatic, both being 6-speed options.  As of right now, even the next-gen option from Ford has yet to be confirmed and are just rumors.

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