2016 Ford Bronco: Consumers Still Have High Hopes For Comeback!

The Ford Bronco has not been on the market since 1990, when it was replaced by the Ford Explorer, but that is not keeping consumers from wishing for bring back the heavy-duty, four-wheel-drive Ford Bronco. Starting late last year, the rumor started to pile up that Ford was going to release the Bronco in 2016, but those rumors have never really panned out. Instead car websites all over the Internet have been trying to figure out if the new models that are coming from Ford are actually the Ford Bronco.

When the Ford F-150 for 2015 was announced, many of the consumers and rumor sites speculated that that could be a truck based on the Ford Bronco. As of right now, Ford has not made any commitment to the rumors that were spreading online like wildfire. Plenty of reports were posted online followed with random articles and 3-D images clearly from Photoshop, claiming the new Ford Bronco was coming in 2016. It did not help that many of the articles were posted around April Fools’ Day.

Finally getting confirmation from Ford, one website took it a step further and actually called the company to ask if the Bronco was going to be made next year. According to that website, a writer called the personnel department and asked if there is a 2016 Ford Bronco that is in production. The person on the other line responded with “While Ford values the iconic Bronco name and history, there are no current plans for the new Bronco.” With that being said, some fans of the Bronco have taken the news very well, since they can now stop worrying if they need to save up for the brand-new Ford truck.

Instead of releasing a brand-new Ford Bronco model, Ford is going to be focusing on the F-150 series, Ford Ranger, Ford Expedition, Ford Edge and the Ford Escape models. For right now, one of the most popular vehicles that Ford makes is the Ford F-150. Becoming one of the most sold pickup trucks in the United States, the 2015 model has caused Ford plants in the United States to expand just to keep up with the demand.

2016 ford bronco

Now that these rumors about the Bronco can be put to rest, consumers can start to be concerned with the other, upgraded models available from Ford. Midsize and compact SUVs like the Ford Edge in the Ford Escape have been quite popular with small families over the last few years. Competing directly with vehicles from Mazda, Kia, Toyota and Honda, the Ford models are affordable and come with comparable features.

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