2016 Apple MacBook Air New Speculations Suggest that it Would Come Out Solar-Powered!

The rumors about the upcoming new notebook of the American tech giant, the 2016 Apple MacBook Air, are getting pretty interesting as of late.

With reports that the new notebook may be launched in March this year, also comes the speculations that the full laptop, the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro, could also come out several months thereafter.

Based on previous reports, the 2016 Apple MacBook Air will be launched in March while the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro could be unveiled in June during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

What seems rather odd on those reports is that the Cupertino-based tech company has had a regular launching event in March since last year but none in June so it is possible that both notebook and laptop lines could be launched in March, but the latter would only make it to the market three months later.

Apple has done the same strategy last year when it launched the iPad Pro along with the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S Plus, the iPad mini 4, and the Apple TV on September 9 last year but the giant tablet only made it to the retail markets in November.

Other than the rumored specifications and features of the two upcoming devices, there are reports saying that the 2016 MacBook Air and the 2016 MacBook Pro will be both solar-powered, reports Youth Health Mag.

Apparently, the latest report stemmed from the news that Apple has recently acquired solar-related patent and it is likely that the tech giant will be using it on its latest notebook and laptop lines, analysts believe.

But just like the previous reports about the specifications and features of the devices, everything remains as speculation pending the confirmation or denial from Apple, which the company hardly does.

Still popular among consumers

With the launching of the Apple MacBook with Retina display in March last year, the future of the 2016 MacBook Air has become uncertain.

In fact, there has been speculation that the MacBook line will subsume the MacBook Air line as prices of components decrease. However, the reports about the 2016 MacBook Air continue to exist alongside the 2016 MacBook Pro.

While the MacBook Pro with Retina display and the MacBook with Retina display have become the new standards for Apple laptop and notebook since last year, the MacBook Air continues to remain popular among consumers because of its low price point, reports Mac Rumors.

In fact, latest rumors are saying that Apple will actually be launching two variants of the 2016 MacBook Air – a 13-inch model and a 15-inch variant.

However, it is possible that these offerings could be the last of the MacBook Air line as Apple has just too many products competing on the same market segment already. In addition to the MacBook Air competing directly with the Apple MacBook, and the MacBook Pro to some extent, there is also the iPad Pro, which is a combination of laptop and tablet already.

A 12-inch variant?

The previous reports about the 2016 Apple MacBook Air state that it would come with two size variants.

Not once did a 12-inch version of the 2016 MacBook Air has come out in the rumor mills. But apparently, latest rumors seem to indicate that there would be one model when the notebook line comes out in the market in March.

But the latest rumors appear to be tricky as there is no history to fall back on, in addition to the fact that previous speculations have not said anything about the specific variant of the 2016 Apple MacBook Air.

macbook air

It could be recalled that before the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus were released on September 9 last year, there were also reports stating that a third but smaller iPhone to be called as iPhone 6C will also come out.

As it turned out, despite all the rumors about it including supposed leaked images, there was no iPhone 6C that was launched in September.

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