2016 Apple MacBook Air Might Be Set for an Earlier Announcement, Latest Rumors Say!

Apple are generally very secretive about their current and upcoming projects, and it’s practically impossible to get the studio to admit the release date of any piece of hardware before they had planned to do so. And yet, the company is not immune to leaks and rumors, and so it’s not rare that we hear various details about what they are preparing behind the scenes and what might be coming from them in the future.

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about the 2016 MacBook Air, and many of the company’s fans are apparently excited about the new model and eager to find out what Apple have prepared for them. There was a lot of talk about the original MacBook Air when it was introduced to the market, as it was a relatively novel concept and a fresh take on the mini notebook idea that was starting to catch on.

At the same time, the model did have some issues which were constantly brought up in its reviews and by both fans and critics alike, and it was clear that Apple had some revising to do if they wanted to get this model right and truly leave a lasting mark on the market. It’s been rumored for some time that the 2016 MacBook Air is the culmination of their work in this direction, and that the model is really going to refresh the experience of the Air line and turn it into the product that people have always wanted to see.

Various improvements are rumored to be coming with the new MacBook Air Pro, such as Force Touch, an even slimmer design and nicely powerful hardware, especially for the unassuming frame of the small model. It should be capable of handling complex tasks rather easily, according to current rumors, and Apple have apparently put a lot of effort into making this a nicely powerful machine despite the fact that it’s so small and portable.

And best of all, this model might be headed to the market much sooner than people were anticipating, as Apple have apparently been planning to accelerate its release in order to get a better position on the market. We don’t know when exactly the new model might arrive, but recent rumors have claimed that it could come out a few months sooner than Apple were planning.

It’s also possible that Apple might tease us a little bit before finally unveiling the model officially, and even though it wouldn’t be entirely in the company’s original style, a lot has happened lately and Apple have been revising the way they approach the market quite a lot. It’s entirely possible that they might have a more unusual launch planned that could really get noticed by their fans, although the company should be careful not to attempt anything too outrageous that could possibly alienate their original core audience.

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Apple generally know what their fans want very well though, that’s part of their working style. They’re a company that has been targeting an extremely tightly defined niche market and at the same time they know how to make their models popular and well-known. In a way, they are the luxury brand of the tech world, and they have been handling this position on the market very successfully through various releases. They can do a lot more for the popularity of the MacBook Air line, but in some ways its niche status is part of its charm too.

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