2016 Apple MacBook Air Could Be the Best Budget-Friendly Notebook to Come from the Company!

Apple are generally associated with overpriced hardware and questionable pricing schemes in general, but it looks like the company has some plans to change that image and transform their business model into something more positively accepted. There have been rumors for quite a while now that they’ve been looking at a lower price bracket for the upcoming 2016 MacBook Air, and it looks like these rumors might turn out to be true. The most commonly repeated projected price for the device is around $899, and this is something that a lot of people have been repeating.

This could have an interesting impact on the market, not just for Apple themselves but also for their competitors. Other companies generally rely on the fact that they don’t overprice their devices in order to get an advantage over Apple, but if the company releases something that’s seen as friendlier to budget-conscious buyers, this could effectively be a game changer.

The device isn’t even low-spec from what we’ve heard, even though it’s an entry into the Air line which is known for sacrificing hardware performance for the benefit of improved portability and making the devices more compact. It’s expected to come with a GeForce GTX 950 dedicated video card among other powerful hardware features, and it could actually be quite the good deal for the modest price tag that the rumors are projecting for it.

Some more interesting claims are roaming around regarding the laptop as well – such as the suggestion that it might support wireless charging, a rumor that was inspired by the type of processor used in the laptop. This isn’t the first time the company has been considering wireless charging for a laptop, according to previous rumors, and we’ve already seen some patents by them that were seemingly related to this idea.

What else could the new MacBook Air bring that might turn heads in its direction and make people reevaluate the negativity they have for Apple? It might also come with various special technological features that have been getting more and more prominent lately, such as Apple’s own Force Touch, as well as their famous Retina Display.

And while we’ve also heard rumors about USB Type-C, this hasn’t been confirmed yet and we don’t know if Apple are actually looking into integrating this new technology in their future devices. It would certainly be a good move from them that would benefit the whole market though.

Because many people see a lot of potential in USB Type-C right now, but it won’t be able to realize that potential until it becomes widespread and commonly accepted. And that may take some time, given how many devices are currently using classic USB ports right now. We can easily see the industry shifting in that direction after a couple of years though, and it would be great to see all devices featuring reversible USB plugs in the future, something that would surely spare users a lot of annoyance.

macbook air

When is the device coming out? This is the other big question about it, and there doesn’t seem to be a solid answer in sight. We’ve heard rumors for pretty much every remaining month of this year, and even more rumors that claim that Apple are preparing it for an early 2016 launch. All of those ideas make sense, but the company could probably benefit strongly from releasing the device during October if they want to benefit from the massive hype right now.

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