2015 New York International Auto Show Sees the Debut of the New Nissan Maxima!

Nissan just showed their brand new Maxima sedan at the 2015 New York International Auto Show, with a presentation held personally by the company’s President and CEO Carlos Ghosn, who unveiled a brand new look for the sedan, with a more aggressive style and an obviously revised approach to its visuals. The final result is a definite improvement over what the car looked like before, and it’s now a very attractive option for 2015 buyers.

The company also went into a little detail about their plans for the new car, and how they are going to approach its marketing and release. According to Vishnu Jayamohan, who’s currently the Product Manager Senior Planner for the company’s North American division, they are aiming at the design first and foremost, and their efforts should be noticeable in the new model’s appearance. They wanted to make it instantly noticeable, and there are some design choices about it that obviously reflect that.

In addition, a lot of effort went into creating a good interior for the vehicle, with not just a stylish appearance but also significant use of technology, in order to create the most perfect riding experience possible. Every little detail about the design is supposed to scream “quality”, and Nissan seem to have done a great job at that.

Last but not least, Nissan have been putting a lot of effort into making the car perform well on the road, and the four-door sports sedan is actually a great choice for those who want to feel solid performance under their feet. According to the company’s own statements, the car is faster than a BMW 328i, as well as an Acura TLX V6 or Audi V4. This statement comes as a result of a test drive around the Buttonwillow Raceway in California, according to the presentation.

The car is much safer as a whole, according to what we’ve seen so far, and it should offer a much more secure experience on the road, despite being more powerful and aggressive in its performance. And it should also be a very comfortable ride for most drivers as well, with an eleven-speaker Bose sound system with a finely crafted configuration that delivers the ultimate audio experience inside the vehicle. According to rumors, the car is quite well soundproofed as well, and music is pretty much isolated inside the cabin itself, while outside noises don’t interfere with the listening experience in any way.

2015 Nissan Maxima

Interested buyers should be on the lookout for the new Maxima this summer with a starting price of $35,900 for the base model, going up to $43,000 for the top-tier version. There are plenty of options inbetween to satisfy the needs of anyone.

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