$1 Billion Earning of ‘GTA 5’ in First Three Days After Launch Inspires Rockstar to Develop ‘GTA 6’

The open-world action-adventure video game “Grand Theft Auto” is arguably the most successful video game franchise in history.

That claim to greatness can be attested by the fact that when “Grand Theft Auto V” was launched in the current generation gaming consoles, the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, back in 2013, it made a staggering earning of $1 billion merely three days after its official launch.

It was just so much of a mouth-watering earning that Rockstar Games was left with no choice, or to put in a nice way, inspired, to think about the development of its next sequel, the “Grand Theft Auto VI” or “GTA 6.”

As they say in sports as in video games, winners do not quit and quitters do not win. Rockstar is adhering to that mantra in an attempt to come up with another big bang for the franchise.

However, given the immense success of “GTA 5,” the pressure is now also on the developer to really come up with something great for the fans and gamers. The developer cannot simply come up with something just to say that a sequel has been made for the most profitable video game of all time. Rockstar would surely want to be remembered as the developer who came up with two of the most successful and profitable video games in history back-to-back. That would be a mouth-watering reputation that could really inspire Rockstar to top off its accomplishments with “GTA 5.”

Taking its sweet time

This great pressure is actually what’s keeping Rockstar from officially saying any detail about “GTA 6” although the internet has already been abuzz with plots and storylines, characters, new gameplay features, and the like about the upcoming game, all of them speculations.

The developer is not about to rush the development of “GTA 6” either just because some of the GTA fans and gamers already want it. Rockstar is taking its sweet and calculated time in the process because that is the only way it can come up with a really excellent game, which is comparable, if not better than “GTA 5.”

Records would also show that Rockstar likes to take its sweet time in terms of game development even DLCs. Not too long ago, gamers have waited a total of 523 days for the release of the online heists DLC to “GTA Online.” Although Rockstar has been cursed and criticized almost to no end by some gamers, it took its time in the development.

When the online heists finally arrived in March this year, fans and gamers were all amazed how great it was and that they were saying that it was well worth the long wait.

gta 6

Thus, it is likely that Rockstar would do the same thing for “GTA 6” if only to ensure that it would really come out at par or even better than “GTA 5.” So far, the chance of that happening is really high considering Rockstar’s track record. Gamers would perhaps know it eventually when “GTA 6” is unveiled anytime from 2018 to 2020 as previous reports indicate.

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  1. I’ve been saying for a while that the new Wall Street-driven Rockstar can’t resist another $Billion payday. They WILL push the production of GTA VI. It will be teased starting early 2016. Fall 2016 will be the announced release date, but problems will delay it until Spring 2017. Of course, these are just wild speculations of mine, but I’ve not been wrong yet…

  2. Just no female characters. This IS a chick that is saying NO to female main characters. When I am playing I want something nice to look at. All my boys must look SEXY.

  3. EveryEveryone missing the best variation of seeting! , I’m talking about GTA VI allowing players to travel between settings such as…. Liberty city, San Andreas, Vice city, and yes, even north Yankton

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