Yemen Stops Allowing US to Conduct Special Operations Ground Missions Against Terrorist Groups in its Country Because of the Number of Civilian Casualties! - Master Herald

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    What can one say to the victims of this horror. How could one succor them or empathize? Just an assurance that the author of human life does have a say and will.
    Who has not sinned? But who can although a sinner can justify such horror.
    Out of sight, out of mind is the psychology of the American killing machine and I’m sure those citizens of the exceptional nation will never see these children, but He who sees everyone and everything, does see this also.
    So, my fellow humans from Yemen, just a little longer and such horror will be paid in spades to the great USA, whether they believe it or not.
    You or I are hamstrung to do anything, because we lack power, and it is this fact that has impelled these people who profess democracy and liberty to do this very act, because they THINK, it CAN NEVER come back to harm them.
    Its why killing your children and elderly can be decided over dinner. But the author of life does have a say and will.
    In view of this, I found it wise to leave the Continental US. Nevertheless, People of Yemen and Iraq and Libya and adjoining nations whom suffered such irrepreable harm, your dead shall see vindication and those of you who live will also.
    Just like this present President bypassed all those in the know, so will this coming event of great harm to them and their nation, although you and I among many will have nothing to do with it. Their avarice knows no bounds and engenders such unfeeling hatred of the innocent.


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