Fans Eagerly Anticipating Summer Launch of ‘Under the Dome’ Season 3 on June 25

‘Under the Dome’ will soon be airing on CBS on June 25 and this early, fans are already expressing their excitement and anticipation for the show based on Stephen King’s best-selling novel about a small town that was suddenly sealed off from the world.

The plotline is similar to that “Simpsons” movie where Homer and the entire town were trapped in a dome, literally and in the TV series, people are also in the same situation.

The people in the town of Chester’s Mill have no idea why it is happening to their town but as the story progresses, the dome reveals clues that townspeople discover what the main agenda is.

In a previous panel at CBS Summer Junket, executive producer Tim Schlattmann joins showrunner Neal Baer and casts Marg Helgenberger and Dean Norris to discuss the meaning of the dome.

The production team said that “Under the Dome” created a big shift for summer shows. The show is expected to get the biggest success for a summer launch because of the huge attention that it has been generating from its loyal audience and new ones too.

The series producers also revealed that unlike in the first two seasons, Season 3 would be very exciting for the viewers since the show will reveal why the town was locked up in a dome.

Season 3 is expected to premiere via a two-hour show which would be very good for the fans since they can get all the answers they want after they were left hanging in the series finale of Season 2.

Baer also promised an even more interesting angle on the show with the intention of giving the fans answers to their questions. He said that the show will definitely reveal new questions, which is also one of the reasons why they decided to have EP Schlattman onboard in addition to giving a new perspective on things.

The viewers have been under all kinds of stress and it is somehow hard to provide a new set of storyline. But fortunately Helgenberger’s character will be one of the key cast members to sustain the excitement of the show.

under the dome season 3

Helgenberger will play as a bold and no-nonsense anthropologist named Christine Price. She has a big goal to unite Chester’s Mill and to teach the people in the community to live and make the most of their situation until they survive the ordeal.

Helgenberger said this role is very exciting for her since she is living in an outside of earth era.

Schlattman also commented on Helgenberger’s character and revealed that she has always been a part of the show and the reason why she was not seen in the last few episodes in Season 2 will be revealed in the new season.

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