Cast and Crew to Preview ‘Vikings’ Season 4 at the San Diego Comic Con 2015 on July 10

Season 4 of the historical drama TV series “Vikings” on the History channel will most likely air early next year so loyal fans and televiewers of the show will have to wait longer before they get to know what happens to the dispute between brothers King Ragnar and King Rollo.

Michael Hirst, executive producer and writer of “Vikings,” confirmed in a recent interview that the feud between Ragnar and Rollo would only intensify and shall become the show’s focal point for next season.

He disclosed that if Ragnar will accept Rollo’s offer of considerable ownership of land in France as well as his daughter’s hand in marriage, he’s got to do it for what it’s worth and not to play the game of convenience. However, if Ragnar accepts his brother’s offer, it would be a second and much bigger betrayal.

Hirst was also quoted as saying that Season 4 would be the final season which would see the brothers in conflict with each other. As to whether they will eventually kiss and make-up or result to a deadly end to one of them, the executive producer did not disclose.

To quench the fans’ thirst for more details of Season 4, the cast the crew of “Vikings” will actually give a preview of the show on July 10 as part of the San Diego Comic Con 2015 to be held in San Diego, Califonia on July 9 to 12, 2015.

Reports have it that the cast and crew will provide fans a glimpse of Season 4 of “Vikings” but it is not clear if they shall also be showing a teaser trailer to go with their scheduled question-and-answer afternoon session with fans, details the International Business Times of India.

Wessex settlement issue

The upcoming fourth season “Vikings” shall also focus on the storyline about the Northmen’s settlement pact with King Ecbert.

Michael Hirst also confirmed that there is likely the possibility that Season 4 will tackle the Wessex settlement issue.

It can be recalled that the settlement issue was ruined when the English monarch decided to annihilate the Norse people who chose to remain and cultivate the land that was given to them.

In a recent interview with a US magazine, Hirst said that Ecbert, played by Linus Roache, is one of his favorite characters in the TV series, and the actor is also one of his favorite actors. He believes that Roache brings a lot to the show.


Hirst said that he wants to build on that premise to work on the unfinished business element in the hit “Vikings” TV series. He disclosed that it has always been on Ragnar’s mind that one day he’s going to go back and try to settle it for good, averring that someone has to pay for the destruction of the settlement.

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  1. We need to have a season five! Of Viking’s! Following next season four! For 2016! I can’t believe Michael hirst is going to call it quits after season four! Andrew!

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