YouTube has Added a New Feature Which Lets You Move Forwards or Backwards by 10 Seconds While Watching a Video, plus a Look at the List of Features That Has Been Included to the Site

It is an annoying experience when we have to try and hit the red dot with our thick fingers while watching a YouTube video. Suppose you are watching a video on your iOS or your Android, and you have to go back a little for you have missed some important part of the video. The opposite situation might also be true when the need arises of skipping the video by 10 seconds forward to get to the interesting part.

Well, to avoid such situations, YouTube has a little yet tremendously handy function for you to take advantage of. If you double tap on any video, the video will automatically move either forward or backward by 10 seconds, without you having to touch the timeline.

To move forward, one must simply double click on the right side of the video they are enjoying, while the left side is reserved for going back. As soon as we do that a small icon will appear showing the action graphically.This feature has not been officially broadcasted by Google; it has very recently been uncovered by some users of Reddit.

Regardless, this feature has already been personally tried by us and works flawlessly. Regrettably, there is a majority of people who still cannot take advantage of the possibility, so it is vital always to have the latest version of YouTube installed in your device be it mobile or tablet.

While we admit that it may not be a function of earth-shaking importance, but it is a very convenient feature which will further enhance the experience of users watching clips on YouTube from their iOS or Android devices.

Since a maximum number of us access YouTube through the mobile app, here is a collection of some tips and tricks that the latest round of updates have fetched for the video hosting and streaming service.

Double Tap to Jump Forward or Back

This particular feature has been in the news now and then, in the recent while, however with the latest update for mobile and tablets apps for Android and iOS; Google has now officially included this function.

Using it is also equally easy, for all you have to do is while playing a video, one can double tap on either the left or right side of the video to jump ­forward or backward by ten ­seconds. A double tap on the left side allows for a jump backward and ­double tap on the right side of the video enables one to jump forwards.

Clickable Thumbnails

For a very long time the facility of using thumbnails to jump from one video to another after it finished playing, was reserved for only those accessing YouTube through a web browser. Not anymore, you see a few updates ago, Google finally got those clickable thumbnails to work on the mobile app.

Making the thumbnails created by the creator of the videos uploaded to YouTube accessible both in big as well as handheld portable screens alike. So, next time you happen to see a clickable thumbnail pop up at the end of a YouTube video, try tap on it to jump right to that video, to your heart’s content.

YouTube now lets you double-tap on videos to skip ahead or go back in 10 seconds

Live Stream Yourself

Nowadays with the availability of so many applications that allow Live Streaming like Facebook Live and Periscope to name two, it was only a matter of time before Google added live streaming facility with the YouTube app. So, finally ending our wait, following its most recent update YouTube is now capable of streaming live feed on the internet.

All one has to do is simply tap on the little video icon in the app and get going. There is a word of caution attached. However, live streaming is only permissible if you are a content creator having at least 10,000 subscribers.Google assures us that the ­subscriber limit will be lifted soon and the live streaming ­feature will be rolled out to everyone very soon.

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