The Xbox User Interface-Lift…

Since its release, Microsoft’s Xbox One has been the gold standard for multitasking in gaming consoles. At launch promotions around the world executives showed off the Xbox One’s uncanny ability to seamlessly switch between entertainment options including an innovating design that united the users regular television programming into the Xbox. Users are able to switch from music to games to prime time TV just by muttering a few commands to their console.

Unfortunately, Microsoft’s innovative step toward multitasking ended up costing them quite a bit of processing power. But, with an ultrafast 8 core AMD processor, the issue cannot be in the hardware. In fact, Microsoft agrees with this sentiment and seeks to rectify the sluggish UI with a complete update.

The issues with the current system do not seem to be with the multitasking itself. The Xbox generally complies with the users commands, it just takes far too long for certain menus to load. But the main concern is that the menus in question are fixed. There, unfortunately, no way to avoid a long load time when trying to switch games.

Using the Windows operating system as an example we can see that Microsoft likes to innovate their user interfaces with sleek aesthetics and customizable options. We see nothing on the contrary in the case of the Xbox One UI overhaul. In a sneak peek released early January, Xbox confirms that it is sticking to its guns by renewing its efforts to make the multitasking options more seamless for users.

The demonstration is brief, but shows a blazing fast side menu option that allows you to access menu options without leaving your game.

But the key point, and the reason Xbox gamers are rejoicing, is that speed in which this was accomplished. Additionally, allowing users to navigate between applications without taking a detour to the Xbox home dashboard is a significant upgrade to the systems multitasking capabilities. And, quite frankly, one that wexbox one ui update’ve been asking for since the release. The good news is that Microsoft listened and we can now skip our way past annoying songs without leaving our game.

Other alleged changes include: A possible achievement tracking overlay, Gamerscore leaderboard, in game music controls, and an update to the Cortana design. All of which will be welcomed changes to the previously frustrating interface. So thank you Microsoft!

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