The Walking Dead, Updates and Trailer Released of Season 8

Hit action-thrilling television series, The Walking Dead returns for a jaw-dropping, exciting 8th Season.

AMC and Fox released its first official poster for the upcoming season. It shows Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) on each side staring deadly at each other. Key characters are also present in the poster, Michonne, Carol, Caryl, Jesus, King Ezekiel, Shiva the Tiger, Tara, Father Gabriel and Aaron. The Saviors from Negan’s pact are also included as well, Dwight, Simon and Eugene. However the most notable part of the poster is that it posted the premiere date of The Walking Dead which is on October 22.

The series will play 16 episodes where the first eight episodes will start on October then the last eight episodes will air around the early part of 2018 after a three month hiatus.

The trailer of the most awaited season was presented in last week’s San Diego Comic Con. It was a five-minute clip that started with a cool buzzing sound like metal bricks banged on the wall musically. It started with Negan taunting Father Gabriel.

It showed the various driven factions working together to fight the Saviors who are led by Negan. The last part of the trailer curiously shows an old Rick with fully grown beard and almost white hair lying in a white-linen bed that might mean a time jump within the season. Another theory is that Rick might be dreaming all of the happenings in the whole show which is pretty bizarre for the fans.

Executive producer and creator, Robert Kirkman, didn’t confirm any of it though. For him, he already had an ending in mind in the course of the show. But as it plays different scenes and characters, he figures it’s all so fun and exciting that it could run for twenty seasons or more. He claims that he needs to keep the show interesting and up to date with the fans, but will the finale be anywhere near? If so, spinoffs like Fear the Walking Dead could keep going.

In the comic books, “All Out War” which is probably the main theme in this season, Rick and the other survivors succeed in building a brighter future for the whole community. In the aftermath of the war, Alexandria and the other surrounding areas have fully functioning systems and businesses such as farms and barter systems. There are also large stretches of road that are “walker-free” because of the people of patrol the open world. There is even a prison that houses a very familiar face to the fans.

The premiere of the season eight also marks the 100th episode of the show. Three casts, Katelyn Nacon (Enid), Steven Ogg (Simon), and Pollyanna McIntosh (Jadis) were moved to series and it was reported that Maria Bello has been casted on the show too. But it was not disclosed yet on what role she will take.

AMC announced that it will give four lucky fans the chance to play a walker in the 1ooth episode through The Walking Dead Play Dead Sweepstakes. It began with Mid-Season Premiere of Season 7.

Scott Gimple, showrunner of the series, was quoted saying that the first four episodes were so intense that it would “meltdown people’s TVs”. Fans would presumably expect an upper scale of zombified action because of all the hype surrounding the upcoming series.

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