Vikings season 5: New Cast Members, including Adam Copeland

Our favorite Norse warriors are coming back for season 5!

If you have watched Vikings, then you know that these heroes are making a huge racket during battle. On the other hand, History quietly made an original series that became a global hit. Sure, we will have to wait a while longer for the fifth season of this amazing show, but, until it arrives we’ve got a lot to mull over.

For those who never watched this show before, it is about the mysterious and brutal world of Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking farmer, and warrior who wants to explore the distant shores across the ocean. This gets him on the bad side of the local chieftain, who sends is raiders to impoverished shores, rather than to the unexplored west. When our protagonist teams up with a boat builder and makes a new generation of ships, the plot thickens, and captures attention completely.

The season 4 was absolutely amazing, and news that season 5 is coming this summer really cheered us up. The network confirmed 20 episodes, and we can’t wait to see how the battle for the throne continues.

When the new season arrives, it will bring a former WWE superstar Adam Copeland, known as “Edge”. He will play Ketill Flatnose “a fierce and brave warrior, chosen by Floki to be one of the leaders of the Viking party intent on traveling to Iceland to set up a community there.”

At the very end of the season 4, we saw the debut of Jonathan Rhys Meyers (from The Tudors). He plays a new, crazed, extremely religious new character by the name of Heahmund.

Also, we haven’t yet seen the last of Clive Standen’s Rollo. Even though he is starring in Taken by NBC, Standen promised in an interview that there are more changes ahead for his character “I think when he comes back, all bets are off… You’ll see a very different Rollo,” says Standen. “It’s going to be explosive, but not in the ways that you’d expect.”

This 25-year old Nothern Irish actor plays the protagonists impulsive and traitorous brother in the show. He is the first Duke of Normandy and Gisla’s husband, also a father to William, Marcellus and Celsa. Rollo is on the show from day one, and he last appeared on season 4’s episode 17, titled “The Great Army”.

The actor stated that Rollo may not be around to avenge his brother’s death, and said “He has gone back to France after his midlife crisis, and he has to face the music with Princess Gisla… But that’s not the end of Rollo, [even though] he may not be involved so much in the revenge of Ragnar Lothbrok.”

The upcoming season is going to try and move forward without Fimmel’s Ragnar, after his death. Ragnar was the series primary protagonist, and the Great Heathen Army had sworn to avenge his death. Now, with him gone, new characters will emerge.

The creator of Vikings, Michael Hirst revealed that Jonathan Meyer’s Heahmund, a medieval Bishop of Sheborne will have a more important role in the upcoming season.

“I knew that I needed a big new Saxon hero, a new warrior, someone who could potentially stand up to the vikings, and I found out about these warrior bishops who were real people — Heahmund was a real person.”

Hirst explained in an interview for Variety “They were the precursors of the Knights Templar. They were very clever, very well-educated, but they were warriors, they would go into battle against spiritual opponents, like pagans. So I had this character, but I didn’t know who would play him.”

VikingsHe also added, “I had a relationship with Jonny from “The Tudors,” and History had him in “Roots,” so it worked out. Jonny is just compulsively watchable. If he’s on screen, there’s nothing else on screen. He’s fantastic.”

Even though the show’s creator sounds pretty confident that the new season will be every bit as thrilling as the previous one was, we are afraid that new actors will not be able to fill the shoes of Ragnar Lothbrok that we have all learned to love.

One the other hand, this show is a is a tale of love and affection, as well as one of warfare and bloodshed, and brotherhood and family – a tale where every character is growing and developing more and more with each season, which is why we are giving it the benefit of the doubt, and waiting impatiently for season 5.

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