Does Vicks Vapour Rub Really Help with Acne?

Millions of adolescent teens, and many adults, suffer from acne – and it can be insufferably difficult to get rid of.  Acne-prone individuals can go through every product on the market only to be dissatisfied when they do not live up to their touted claims.  This results in many teens becoming insecure about their appearance due to the constant presence of acne.

There are hundreds of online forums where people discuss the success and failures of many acne-fighting products and one unintentional cure, which shows up time and time again, is Vicks Vapour Rub.  The application process involves covering the entire face with a layer of Vicks before going to sleep, which should result in clear skin by the morning.  Vicks Vapour Rub has been reported as being most effective on cystic acne – which is one of the most difficult types of acne to cure.

Acne is caused by changes in hormone levels, bacteria build-up, and clogged pores.  In order to deduce whether Vicks Vapour Rub is an effective acne remedy, one must have a closer look at the ingredients.

Vicks Vapour Rub contains anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and antibacterial ingredients – which could aid in clearing out the pores and reducing the appearance of acne.

These ingredients are: Camphor; Eucalyptus oil; nutmeg oil; and thymol.  All of these natural ingredients fight acne-causing bacteria deep in the pores, which clears the current outbreak and prevents further outbreaks.  The anti-inflammatory properties calm the current outbreak and aid in improving the overall appearance of the skin.

Menthol is a key ingredient in fighting acne because menthol can penetrate the skin which allows for all of the other ingredients to get into the pores.  Menthol can also dry out the existing acne and clear the area of excess oil.

Turpentine oil is another ingredient which is an effective topical pain relief.  Acne can be very painful which makes Vicks Vapour Rub more appealing as an acne-fighter.

There are two ingredients of Vicks Vapour Rub which seem counter-intuitive for acne prone skin: petrolatum and cedar leaf oil.  Petrolatum is a thick, waxy substance which would clog the pores and create the ideal environment for more acne to form.  Petrolatum is also not an ideal skin care product because it causes skin ageing.  Cedar leaf oil causes the body to produce more of its natural skin oils.  Skin oils are responsible for the initial formation of acne.  Therefore, petrolatum and cedar leaf oil are not ideal for fighting acne.

However, with all of the excitement around using Vicks Vapour Rub as a topical treatment for acne on online forums, there may be evidence that the positive acne-fighting properties of the ingredients outweigh the acne-causing properties.

It is important to remember that Vicks Vapour Rub can neverbe used on skin that is already broken and damaged, which means it cannot be used on acne which has already vicksburst.  Although it may be an effective acne-fighter, it cannot replace any skin care products and extra skin care should be taken if using Vicks on acne.

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