Mini-Me Verne Troyer checks into rehab for alcohol addiction

Austin Powers actor Verne Troyer has checked himself into rehab for alcohol addiction.

The actor, 47, best known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers trilogy, confirmed in a post on Facebook Friday, April 7, that he was voluntarily entering a treatment centre to “continue to get the help” he needs in his fight against alcoholism.

Troyer released the statement after rumours began circulating about his health and in it thanked his fans for their concern.

He said: “As you know, I’ve battled alcohol addiction in the past and while it’s not always been an easy fight, I’m willing to continue my fight day by day.

“I’ve been receiving treatment for the last week and I am voluntarily checking into a treatment center later this week to continue to get the help that I need.”

According to TMZ, Troyer was in a San Fernando Valley hospital being treated for alcohol addiction for around two weeks before checking into the rehab centre.

The star, who stands at 2ft 8in as the result of cartilage–hair hypoplasia dwarfism, has had a long battle with substance abuse and has previously received treatment on at least two occasions.

In 2002 Troyer almost lost his life after going on a bender following his split from model Genevieve Gallen after two months together.

Gallen later claimed in an interview several years later that their romance broke down due to Troyer’s heavy drinking and during their time together he drank a 12-pack of beer and litre of vodka every day.

Speaking to the now closed News Of The World in 2009, she claimed he was once so drunk she had to call the police to let her into the house they shared.

Another former girlfriend, actress Ranae Shrider, shared a similar story about her time with the star.

Shrider, who dated Troy for six months after meeting at the Playboy mansion, said he drank “excessively” while they were together.

She told the Mirror Online: “Once I went to a karaoke bar with him and his manager and in two hours he had knocked back four beers and four tequilas, which for a man his size is very dangerous.Verne Troyer

“And Verne is horrible when he drinks – mean and aggressive. Sometimes when he was away he would call me up in the middle of the night crying like a baby because he felt guilty he had been drinking.”

Troyer has been a star of the big screen for over 25 years, making his first appearance in 1994’s Baby’s Day Out. Two years later he starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All the Way and made appearances in Men in Black, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Mighty Joe Young.

But it was 1999’s Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me that turned Troyer into an international A-Lister and one of the most recognisable stars on the planet.

Playing Dr Evil’s, evil clone Mini-Me, Troyer became an instant cult hero alongside Mike Myers’ string of characters.

He returned to the role in 2002’s Goldmember as his career took off and collaborated with Myers again in 2008’s Love Guru.

Bubble Boy, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone followed but, in the years after, Troyer turned his attention to television and became a regular on celebrity reality TV shows such as Keith Lemon’s Celebrity Juice.

Troyer’s issues with alcohol were apparent during his appearances on the Surreal Life in 2005 and the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother in 2009.

The actor went on drinking benders during both shows, exhibiting worrying behaviour and on the Surreal Life even exposed himself while urinating on the floor of the house.

Over the last few years his film credits have dwindled and his last appearance on the big screen was two years ago in Gnome Alone.

In 2015 Troyer hit the headlines after suffering a seizure at the Heart of Texas Comic Con.

Troyer had been holding an autograph signing when the seizure struck and he began to struggling to breath. He was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure and alter assured fans he was fine in a video posted to social media.

“I’m sure you guys have heard some news that I went to the hospital,” the actor says. “But I just want to reassure you and let everyone know that I am fine.

“I was there for maybe a couple hours, did some tests, and now I’m here at the hotel and I plan on signing again tomorrow.”

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