The Vampire Breast Lift

The vampire breast lift is the sequel to the vampire face lift, from creator dermatologist Charles Runels – both procedures are non-invasive solutions to the negative effects of aging.  These methods are marketed to women who cannot afford the traditional, surgical, face lift or breast augmentation or women who want to avoid going under the knife, or both.

The vampire breast lift gets its spooky name from the process of drawing blood from the patient’s body and then reinserting it into the breast area.  Once the blood has been drawn from the body, it undergoes a process which separates the platelet-rich plasma (PRP); PRP is a type of stem cell which can be extract from the blood. 

It is unclear how platelet-rich plasma works, however laboratory tests have been performed which prove that PRP contains growth factors which have been used to heal a range of injuries.  PRP has been used in the treatment of an injured and inflamed Achilles tendon and has been used to speed up the recovery of numerous other injuries.  PRP, in terms of the vampire breast lift and facelift, is used to improve and promote the production of collagen. 

Collagen sits in the skin cells and plumps them up – high levels of collagen in the skin results in fewer wrinkles and improves skin elasticity, which helps the skin the regain its youthful state.

The vampire breast lift is not a replacement for breast implants and it will not increase the breast’s cup size on any dramatic level.  However, the procedure does tout benefits such as: improved overall shape of the breast; decreased skin sag and wrinkles; reduction in vein visibility; and increased sensations in the breast. vampire breast lift

The benefits have been reiterated by many satisfied customers.  The visual effects of the procedure have been compared to the benefits of a well-fitted bra, improving general cleavage appearance and giving a lift to the breasts. 

The procedure does not have any of the risks associated with traditional breast implants; it is the ideal procedure to improve the appearance of natural breasts.

Pregnancy, breast feeding and aging take their toll on women’s breasts and there are many women around the world who are not interested in increasing their breast size but would like to restore their breasts to their youthful appearance.  The vampire breast lift can help these women feel confident in their bodies again without having to go to extreme lengths to achieve it.

The procedure takes a mere 60 minutes and there is no resting time required after the procedure – the patient can return to their normal life as soon as they are finished. 

A few side effects, which may accompany the vampire breast lift, include swelling, bruising, itching and irritation due to the injections, which are mild in comparison to the side effects of more extreme breast augmentation surgery.  There have been no adverse effects reported which further proves that this procedure is non-invasive and the only pain experienced is from the injections. 

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