Turkey Promises to Speedily Identify and Arrest the Suspect in the Istanbul Nightclub Attack that Killed 39 People!

The four women made their way to the Reina restaurant on the Bosporus in Istanbul. A few hours before midnight, Nasser posted a picture to Snapchat. In it, she flashed a half-smile, a floral crown atop her long, dark hair. Her brown eyes looked straight at the camera.

The following morning, after a terrorist opened fire inside the club, and 39 people were killed and dozens more injured, after emergency responders started working through the massacre, Nasser was missing.

Her three friends were found, two were uninjured. One was in the hospital, having sustained moderate injuries in the attack, but she was in stable condition and was expected to recover.

Nasser’s father caught the next flight to Turkey. She might have survived. She might be in a different hospital. She might be okay. But instead, he learned that the authorities found a heart-shaped gold ring with specks of blood on the band. The authorities were wondering if her family could identify them. And her father couldn’t remember if they were Leanne’s.

Her aunt later confirmed that it was Leanne’s. She had died in the attack. Her body was flown back to Israel on January 3 and the family’s grief is just tremendous.

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