Tom Hiddleston Opens up About His Relationship with Taylor Swift and Explains the Story Behind the Tank Top Incident

They were spotted in public holding hands and kissing and being so open with their apparent love that many critics couldn’t help but wonder If it was even a real relationship?!?

Hiddleston insists that it was.

In a strange turn of events, he tells GQ, only a few months after saying he would not talk about Swift that Of course, it was real.The motive behind Hiddleston and Swift finally ending their tumultuous courtship was never made explicit.There was a lot of chatter last fall over just who discarded whom, for example.

But Hiddleston only has nice things to say about the singer in this interview. Extremely nice things.

Taylor is an astounding woman gushes the 35-year-old actor.Indeed, the Avengers star acknowledges, things may have looked unusually intense right down fanciful to anyone outside of the relationship.But he describes to GQ that both stars were looking for a “genuine connection” with someone when they met. So, even though the timing was perfect, sadly, the conditions were not.

Tom also stated that he has to be so psychologically robust about not letting other people’s interpretations about his life, affect his life. A relationship exists between two individuals and only they will always know what it was.

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