The Republican Healthcare Plan Set by the Republicans Will Not Contain Any Provisions for Birth Control Coverage.

The President of the United States and Congress have already set into motion the repealing of the Affordable Care Act. This is indeed worrisome for those sections of the public who have insurance through the above said act. Although there have been assurances by the Republicans that they will have a replacement ready for action when the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

It is still unclear if they are aware as to how that replacement will come out looking, and which parts of Obama’s act will remain and which are destined to go. One of the major unknowns of the Republican replacement is, whether the no-copay guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act for birth control will remain or not.

Concluding from what it looks like it appears that this critical part of women’s healthcare will very quickly become a fable from the Obama era. It has been confirmed by the Republican representative Diane Black of Tennessee that the no-copay birth control will not be a part of the plan, to reporters.

According to the statement given to Rewire reports, by Representative Diane, all hopes about the survival of the no-copay birth control clause of Obama, were relinquished. She clearly mentioned that it will not be a part their program; while saying a few words about their own health care law.

Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance providers are needed to provide coverage for the expenses relating to birth control without charging a copay, except for a few exceptional cases. This made birth control more readily accessible and within reach of a greater number of people.

If what Diane said is correct and the Republicans indeed deny the continuation of the no-copay birth control policy; then around 48.5 million women who use contraceptives and preventives covered by the Affordable Care Act, will have to pay out of their pocket a substantial amount of money, previously not required for their prescriptions of appointments.

For example, one report disclosed an IUD would cost more than $1,000 deprived of the help from insurance coverage.

For several women, birth control is an actual family planning instrument, lettingthem choose when, how and if they are in a position to have and support children. For others, birth control is an essential medication used to treat ailments like endometriosis, ease extreme menstrual cramps, and even cure acne. The point being that people use birth control for all different kinds of motives, and each of them is of equal importance.

In a speech fuelled by passion Kirsten Gillibrand said asher Republican co-workers took the first steps in revoking the Affordable Care Act, that measures within the act like no-copay birth control make sure that women aren’t charged more just because of their sex.

Gillibrand said they have made a lot of changes under the Affordable Care Act, that will affect the lives of many American families in a huge way. It also specifies that one cannot simply be charged more for being a woman of American identity.

Birth control likely won't be covered by Republican Healthcare Plan

It is not shocking that the Republicans will not include birth control in their upcoming health care plan. Recently confirmed as the Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services, Representative Tom Price had previously told that he doesn’t believe that there is not a single woman who is unable to afford birth control.

Try telling that to the 13 million women who, in 2013, were without insurance, making it very possible that they couldn’t pay for birth control, and to the even greater number of womenfolk who might find themselves right back in those shoes again.

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