The Corvette AeroWagon Will Be Commercially Built by Callaway from This Year, The Shooting Brake Design for The C7 Corvette AeroWagon Is Finally Here

In the year 2013, Callaway, the Chevrolet tuner extraordinaire first previewed the shooting brake design which was based on the C7 Corvette. Ever since then, the company has been gaining market interest and also further developing the already established design.

The Corvette Shooting Brake was finally unveiled by Callaway on Friday, and it confirmed the debut of the vehicle during the 2017 Michelin NCM Bash. It is the annual get-together at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky’s Bowling Green and this year; it will run from 27th-29th April.

It is called the C21 Aero Wagon, and the conversion is only available for the coupe body style of the Corvette, but it can be reversed if the owner desires. For the panels, carbon fiber is used, and the rear piece comes in the form of a tempered safety glass which further retains a defogger. The good thing about it is that this design doesn’t impinge on the removable roof panel of the car.

In reality, it makes use of the latching mechanisms and original hardware. The downside to this is that since there are no structural changes, there isn’t enough space to add in a 2+2 configuration, which explains the absence of an extra pair of seats. However, you still get the extra storage in the trunk.

Callaway is a specialist constructor that has close ties with the OEM, similar to Alpina (BMW), Ruf (Porsche), and Mountune (Ford). The conversion is therefore to the same standard as the cars which are coming out of the factory. The pricing starts at a lump sum 14,990.

Currently, the order books are open, and the installation procedures will be conducted at Callaway workshops in California and Connecticut, along with authorized Callaway retailers. However, car enthusiasts need to stop what they are doing and have a gander at the new Corvette Station Wagon.

The highly awaited shooting brake conversion package for the C7 Corvette is now genuine, and it looks very impressive. After waiting for four anxious years since the original announcement, the Corvette AeroWagon has finally been unveiled by Callaway with the shooting brake conversion presented in person.

Similar to the renders that were released back in 2013, Callaway has gotten hold of a stock C7 Corvette Coupe and has had the roof elongated, which finally stretched it to the rear portion of the car. This resulted in the creation of a two-door shooting brake which makes for greater practicality and extremely impressive looks.

The car recently pictured is a Z06 model which has been painted in Torch Red along with some sweet aftermarket wheels. In spite of the work that was needed to transform the C7 into a wagon, it looks pretty clean enough to be factory-built.

According to Callaway, the removable Targa roof is still highly functional, and there has been a significant increase in the cargo space. Also, the installation takes around a few hours, and there is no fabrication required whatsoever. Therefore, for a price of just 14,990 dollars, you can turn the C7 into a fully two-seat road ripper.

AeroWagen! The Chevrolet Corvette Wagon is here

Callaway reports that AeroWagon deliveries were supposed to commence from December last year. Since this is the first time that people have laid their eyes on the vehicle and the shooting brake in person, the team is a little behind the actual schedule. However, we can and should forgive them since the result is exceptional.

Therefore, three years after Callaway showed off its idea, we can finally order the company’s AeroWagon shooting brake conversion, designed for the C7 Corvette. Sadly, the work to have the longer roof added doesn’t start before the fourth quarter of this year.

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