The Best TVs of 2017 By Samsung, LG and Sony, All You Need to Know About Them

A TV might be a TV, but these days it depends on the requirements of consumers. In 2017, if you are looking for a good high-end TV, this year could be pretty exciting for you. Take a look at some of the best TVs in the offer. CES has many things to offer, but these days it is an exciting event where manufacturers can show off their best TVs.

There are many phones and laptops on offer as well. Streaming might be suffering from stunted DVD sales, but TVs are still a booming big business. OLED technology is certainly the next best thing in TVs. This year, the big TV manufacturers didn’t disappoint. Sony, Panasonic, LG, and Samsung announced some very exciting additions with similar sized prices.

However, if you are after the best TV that money can buy, there are chances that you will pick one of the models. The LG Signature OLED TV W grabbed a lot of headlines with a feature that didn’t turn out to be a gimmick. The W obviously stands for wallpaper, and that is what you can use this TV as. It is simply 2.57mm thick.

LG has managed to pack in a 4K HD into a unit which weighs just under 8 kilos for the 65inch version. After that, it can stick to your walls by making use of magnets. The secondary part is that it comes with a Dolby Atmos Soundbar which sits right underneath the internal parts which are needed to power this monster.

Keep in mind that a 77inch variant is on offer as well. Now the main question, how is it so damn thin? This is because OLED TVs do not need the bulkier backlighting required for LCD TVs. Since this is the feature, you can pretty much expect that it costs a fortune. It will set you back by $7999 for the 65inch version.

The Panasonic EZ1002 4K OLED is the first ever that claims to be HDR capable. The Ultra HD OLED TV can support image processing of professional grade. You can expect it to look fascinating in your living room. The Absolute Black Filter is a great addition which soaks reflections and ambient lights to better produce true blacks on its marvelous display.

In Europe, it will be available from June this year. The Sony Bravia A1E OLED TV is competent enough to secure a Tech Advisor Top Pick Award at the CES this year. It is available in 55inches, 66inches and also the extra-large 77inches. Sony has also produced a wafer thin unit which makes use of a clever sonic trick.

The TV doesn’t have any traditional speakers or soundbars like the LG.  However, the TV provides high-quality sound by sending out vibrations through the screen. It may sound a little gimmicky, but in reality, it does work! The 4K HCR Panel uses Dolby Vision Support, makes use of Android TV and comes with built-in Chromecast.

Best new TVS announced at CES 2017

There are viewing points available for everyone. Meanwhile, Samsung is trying to sidestep the whole OLED scene by forcing QLED down our throats. Is it working? Well, it’s a little odd considering the AMOLED displays Samsung to use on their phones, but it seems like an effort to differentiate itself in the TV world.

Quantum LED gives you the brightest, crispest images ever, from a Samsung TV. Similar to the magnetic wall mount on the LG Signature W, Samsung is also encouraging to wall mount using the swivel mount which comes included. It further allows for 10 degrees of angle adjustment. The Q9 is flat, compared to the Q8 which is curved.

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