The 100 season 4 ready to hit CW presenting new characters and bloodier scenes!

A much-awaited series “The 100 Season 4” is going to return with new castings. Tough challenges are eagerly waiting for the group. Rumors have already spread for new characters entrance to the casting team.

As compared to the previous casts, Season 4 is going to beat fans expectations with a massive thunder in a positive way. Chai Romruen is expected to join the cast soon with a character of IIan. Fans would see Chai as a grounder that was earlier beneath Alie’s control.

Reports also found IIan facing the haunts by supernatural creatures. Before this new Season, it was entirely unexpected by fans. The launch of “The 100 Season 4” series trailer by executive producer Aaorn Ginsburg brings in a new essence of excitement among its fan.

Via twitter Aaorn Ginsburg notified their fans for a delay in the actual release of a trailer for “The 100 Season 4” Series. But once it gets ready it would be worth beneficial. A joy of excitement is already felt from the crowd regarding what would happen next for Clarke.

The faster a nuclear disaster is expected to occur, will this be revealed by Clarke to the Sky people. Even after knowing about apocalypse would Clarke aware people is the prior suspense that needs to be exposed. Among this entire story, the major surprise starts when the series picks its way from the previous ending.

Indeed, the Season 4 series are expected to catch the finale end of Season 3 as stated by Rothenberg in an interview to Den of Geek. In fact, this situation would also drag Clarke in a dilemma regarding the reveal of disaster to Skaikru. Statements show the primary focus lies circular upon Clarke’s decision.

The entire survey of emerging twist and turns through the Series are the requirements of fans. Reportedly the character Lexa is expected to be dead in the previous Season.

However, the last characters are supposed to return with interesting scenarios once again. Reports and trailers have also revealed this new “The 100 Season 4” to be even bloodier than the previous one. Last characters who survived apocalypse would have to face tough challenges as per trailers.

This strong kicking off “The 100 Season 3” gave rise to 1.9 million viewers as an audience. Other than this some of the exhilarating fans are worried about the return of sci-fi drama series. To make fans delighted, the CW announces the renewal of “The 100 Season 4” dated March 11, 2016.

The forecast of “The 100 Season 4” is scheduled for February 2017 on Wednesday in between 9 to 10 pm on CW. To get notified for upcoming season 4 of “The 100” you can get an automatic notification updated.

Expectations for new twists are confident with this forthcoming series of “The 100”. Clarke is expected to find a way out of new love. Rumors showed this character to be intimately known by Clarke.

100 Season 4

Loss of Lexa from the previous Season made it hard for Clarke to move ahead. However, viewing this movement of love by Clarke is surprisingly out of expectation for fans. Indeed Clarke is found to recover from heartbreak soon per the reports.

Ensuring the safety of fellow people is prior for Clarke. Other than bloodier scenes and battles, Murphy and Luna’s characters being played by Richard Harmon and Nadia Hilker are to be seen in a deep relationship.

Rothenberg showed this season 4 to be an environmental disaster story. Enemies in the previous season were not impactful but this awaiting season is bringing new face villains for fans. These destroying characters are exciting to watch.

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