Tesla Model 3 Latest Prototype Maybe Unveiled in the First Quarter of This Year Based on the Hint of CEO Elon Musk!

Another topic that has been making the rounds online with regards to the Tesla Model 3 is its potential for self-driving. The company has previously confirmed that a new autonomous driving system will completely replace its autopilot program in the near future.

Tesla Motors Corporation has said that all its electric cars beginning with the Model 3 shall come with the necessary hardware for full self-driving capabilities as standard. Critics are also saying that the feature or system may not be ready this year though so it can either be that the Model 3 will come out without it or the Model 3 would be released in 2018 and not in 2017.

The Tesla Model 3 is distinctively Tesla but it comes with new design traits including the flat, grille-less face at the front.

The Model 3 is actually a smaller car than the Model S and looks much stubbier, the short front and rear overhangs downsizing the overall profile.

The glass roof stretches from the bottom of the windshield into the hunched rear end, although the Model 3 does not have a hatchback boot. Instead, a second storage space lies under the bonnet.

The Model 3 looks set to be more practical than the pre-production prototype Tesla has shown. The car’s tiny boot opening is also set to change.

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