Tesla Model 3 Latest Prototype Maybe Unveiled in the First Quarter of This Year Based on the Hint of CEO Elon Musk!

In March last year, American electric carmaker Tesla Motors Corporation unveiled the pre-Alpha prototypes of the Tesla Model 3 sedan, the first mass-production vehicle of the company, reportedly slated to come out from the assembly line later this year.

Up until today, the Beta prototypes of the Tesla Model 3 has yet to be unveiled by the company which is why fans are still waiting for its unveiling.

It is possible that Tesla would release another Beta prototype of the Tesla Model 3 before officially unveiling the main concept or design, which could happen shortly thereafter. Thus, speculations are rife that Tesla could launch a prototype in the first quarter of this year, notes Electrek.

On In his January 4, 2017 visit to the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada for an investor event, Musk said that it would be good for fans to just wait for new announcements regarding the Tesla Model 3.

He also said that it would be good to keep the Model 3 powder dry on the announcement, which could be a hint that the next prototype could be unveiled by the company in the spring of this year. Some also say that it is actually an idiom for keeping ready for an action at a moment’s notice.

Musk also discussed progress made at the battery plant and officially confirmed that Tesla plans to bring more than battery pack manufacturing to the plant.

Dominating 2017

Following the event at the Gigafactory yesterday, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas noted an equal-weight rating on Tesla’s stock with a price target of $242.00.

He explained that the Model 3 milestones should dominate 2017. He said that they expect a later launch than consensus, but they also expect a better car.

Elon Musk also said that he and the company feel pretty good about the pace of progress at the Gigafactory which manufactures the Model 3 battery pack, electric motor, drivetrain, and power electronics.

He also highlighted the riskiest components as some of the long lead items such as stamping dies for the body panels and the seats.

Critics believe that Tesla would continue to push for function improvements in autonomy, the further unveiling of additional body styles, and new business models for transportation both within and between cities in an expansion of their mobility network infrastructure.

An eagerly-anticipated vehicle

Tesla’s Model 3 is one of the most eagerly anticipated vehicles ever. With hundreds of thousands of pre-orders worth upwards of $10 billion, it seems as though the whole world can’t wait to get its hands on the brand’s entry-level sedan model, reports Digital Trends.

Amid rumors saying otherwise, Tesla made it clear that the Model 3 will not be fully autonomous right out of the box. There are still significant hurdles to overcome before that becomes viable, including legal red tape and the optimization of Tesla’s Autopilot software.

The Model 3 will benefit from advances in battery technology that were recently inaugurated by the ultra-quick P100D variants of the Model S and the Model X.

The company’s newest battery pack is much denser than its predecessor, and it benefits from a comprehensively updated cooling system. In simpler terms, the new technology will help the Model 3 go further on a single charge without requiring the use of a bigger, heavier battery pack.

As the company’s entry-level model and first true mass-production electric car with mainstream appeal, the Tesla Model 3 promises to deliver the same ownership experience as the company’s earlier and more expensive electric vehicles.

Mass production of the Tesla Model 3 is expected to begin in the summer of this year and with a target of 200,000 during its first year, it looks like the carmaker would be under pressure to meet its own production target.

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