Teeth Whitening through Professional Treatments are Far More Effective than Most Over-the-Counter Whitening Products

Many people understand the importance of a whiter teeth in their everyday dealings, which is why there is now an increased demand for teeth whitening.

Often, the big issue on teeth whitening is whether to have it done by dental professionals or just settle with take-home and do-it-yourself teeth whitening products.

However, the answer to the comparison is obvious. Professional teeth whitening treatment is far more effective and safer compared to do-it-yourself teeth whitening products that can already be purchased over-the-counter.

As teeth whitening is a surefire way of enhancing one’s appearance, professional teeth whitening treatments can involve short, one-time in-office visits or custom take-home kits. But compared to teeth whitening products that can be bought from drug stores or relevant outlets, the former is safer, details Dallas Dentist.

Some teeth whitening products contain ingredients that are harmful to a normal person’s teeth. A number of consumers have already expressed their disappointment on a lot of OTC whitening products including toothpaste and strips.

These products do not contain formulas potent enough to lift dark, permanent stains on the teeth. In some cases, the formulas are not consistent due to issues with packaging and exposure to extreme temperatures when transported from manufacturing centers to retail stores.

An additional issue with store bought products is the fact that many contain abrasives, which are used to scrub surface stains that weaken tooth enamel.

In-office versus take-home teeth whitening system

Professional teeth whitening treatment and OTC whitening products are also referred to as in-office teeth whitening and take-home whitening, respectively.

In-office whitening treatment involves patients coming to the dentist to practice for a one-time, non-invasive procedure, while take-home whitening allows users to whiten their smiles gradually in the comfort of their homes, notes Cosmetics Dentists.

Often with in-office whitening, patients can achieve ultra fast whitening results up to 12 shades lighter. Even without the regular use of top-up trays, the results can last for a period of two to three years.

The results of in-office teeth whitening are generally attained between a few days and a couple of weeks, which is a marked improvement over the relatively long period needed to have a positive effect for those using OTC whitening products.

On the rise over the past decade

The American Dental Association has recently stated that teeth whitening procedures have been on the rise for the past decade. In fact, base on its available statistics, teeth whitening is actually the most requested dental procedure by people from 40 to 60 years old.

Apparently, it has something to do with the fact that stains from products like red wine, soda, coffee, and tobacco only build-up over time, leading to a demand for whiter teeth as people get old.

In the past, teeth whitening are considered expensive procedures. In fact, in the US, Americans shell out an average of $600 for every visit to the dentist just to undertake teeth whitening procedure.

However, because of the availability of over-the-counter teeth whitening products and methodologies, there are now options for more economic teeth whitening processes. Although most of them trigger ill effects to some people including gum irritation, tooth sensitivity, bluish enamel, uneven whiteness, and other flaws.

The American Dental Association has also stated that it has not given its Seal of Acceptance to over-the-counter teeth bleaching products because they are also not regulated by the Federal Drug Administration. It is as good as saying that people who are subscribing to do-it-yourself teeth whitening procedures are actually putting a major health risk for it.

teeth whitening

But there are also natural teeth whitening methods that people can also try which is affordable, safe, and whose results are really good.

Some of the most common teeth whitening product is a ripe banana peel. Accordingly, the banana peel could help remove stains on a person’s teeth.

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