Tarek and Christina El Moussa Defend Allegations in Court

The El Moussas have been given a chance to end their legal drama once and for all. Last month, a lawsuit was filed against the Flip or Flop exes, by an alleged former employee who claims he was not compensated for work he did for Next Level Property Investments – the El Moussa’s company – from March to October of 2016.

According to a report from RadarOnline, the El Moussas are allowed to submit their own court documents until Monday June 26, to answer all of the allegations about unpaid wages and commissions made by former employee Jonathan Schmier.

Schmier claimed that the HGTV hosts should pay him $12,800 for back wages and $25,000 in commission. The former employee reportedly talked to Pete DeBest, the operating manager of the El Moussa’s Next Level Property Investments real estate company, in January 2016, and then was given equal partnership by the company’s acquisition specialist, Scott Rubzin, in March 2016.

Schmier then claimed he was not interested in the 50/50 partnership, and instead began to find wholesale homes for Flip or Flop at a commission rate of $5,000 per home. He stopped working in October that year after he was informed he was “never an employee”. At this point, he had found five homes in total, but was not paid the $25,000 he was under the impression he would be receiving – or the back wages of $12,800 per the California minimum wage. When he filed the federal lawsuit last month, Schmier was flat broke, with a negative $124 in his bank account.

Tarek and Christina El MoussaAfter attempting to contact DeBest and the El Moussas, the former employee claimed that they “blocked his email address and Facebook pages and phone numbers in an attempt to avoid paying him”.

The El Moussa’s answers to his allegations will be revealed after they submit their files on the given date. This is just the latest in a series of scandals to hit the El Moussas, including several lawsuits.

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