Steve Burton’s Return to General Hospital

After a major teaser, fans of this daytime medical drama are going crazy thinking that the old Jason is coming back.

This daytime TV medical drama is the longest running American soap opera, and the second longest-running drama in television (listed in Guinness World Records). This show focuses on the trials and  tribulations of hospital staff, mobsters and other residents in the town of Port Charles, in the state of New York, and as we watch the show, we get more and more pulled in life-changing events that lovers, enemies, families, and friends experience in this large fictional city. It premiered on the ABC television network in 1963. and it kept the interest of audiences ever since. Every character has his own complicated life and history, every single one has a loyal following that consists of hundreds of thousands of people, so every change to this world and characters that reside in it, resonates deeply within the fan community.

Which is why GH fans are going wild on social media after they heard that Steve Burton might be coming back to the ABC soap. Burton left his role of Jason Morgan in 2012 after giving life to this character for two decades. Jamey Giddens was heard on the Daytime Confidential podcast talking about some major twists that will blow things up.

His announcement caused a ruckus, and then Michael Logan from TV Guide told everyone on Twitter that big news was Steve Burton. Since he is a good source, we believe this is most probably true. Unfortunately, nothing is officially announced yet, and Logan’s teaser might end up being completely unrelated to going back to General Hospital at all.

From what was in the teaser promo, we could see a glimpse of Burton in his standard-issue black t-shirt that he used to wear as part of Jason’s “uniform”. Or, maybe it’s just the actor’s GAP shirt – we have no idea.

Thus the frenzy began. There were rumors about the actor’s return to GH, especially since he left The Young and the Restless several months ago, and now it seems that those rumors were true.

Fans are thrilled by the possibility, but we are afraid that they might end up disappointed. Burton just might end up heading back to The Young and the Restless instead of GH. Burton left his most recent job so he could spend more time with his family, and to start his new nutrition company, but it seems that he misses acting, so he will go back to it.

The main question is, if he comes back, as whom he will come? After all, the role of a rich kid that turned into a hoodlum Jason Morgan born Quartermaine is played by the three-time Daytime Emmy winner Billy Miller.

If Burton ends up back in his old role, that would open up a new storyline that would involve the new Jason as well as the old Jason. We could find out that Sam Morgan is having hallucinations for a reason, and they could be leading to a realization that her husband didn’t really come back from the dead at all. The real Jason might show up and cause a huge ruckus in Port Charles.

Sam has fallen in love and has a baby girl with the current Jason. Billy Miller has been a great choice for this new and different Jason, so his fans are not thrilled by the prospect of Burton coming back and stirring trouble for this character.

Right now, Sam is being tortured by visions of Sonny who is telling her that Jason is his and not hers and that she will lose her kids and everything else she cares about.

When we think about it, this is definitely what would happen if the real Jason Morgan came.

steve burtonThe old Jason would most probably go back to being Sonny’s enforcer, and Sam’s kids would have two completely different fathers. This would make a mess out of Sam’s life, but it would explain what is wrong with her at the same time. Also, Helena Cassadine could have made the new Jason think that he is Jason, while he could actually be someone else.

All of these are just our presumptions, but if they come true, it will mean that curse that Helena put on Sam is exploding.

Of course, there is another option, the actor might be coming back just for a short period.

Would you like to see him back in General Hospital?

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