Southern Charm’s Shep Rose looks for love in the spinoff ‘Relationshep’

Ultimate Southern Charm’s bachelor, Shep Rose is out to find true love. A spinoff from intriguing and drama-filled reality TV Series, Southern Charm, Shep will star in his own reality show with the fancy title Relationshep.

Well, as the title will sort of explain it to you, the bachelor will travel across the country to date girls who were picked by his friends and co-stars. If he develops a connection with her, the girl will be invited to Charleston, South Carolina.

There, Shep will pick a woman and begin a relationship or date her. Although it was not clear yet what happens after a woman is invited to Charleston. Sounds like true love yet?

Southern Charm started in 2014 that follows the story of the personal and professional seven socialites in Charleston. It focuses on the southern culture, its tradition and political history. Apart from that, it also chronicles about the privileged socialites and their struggles to maintain a hip and normal life.  Shep Rose had been a main cast of the show for four seasons.

For the last three years since Southern Charm premiered in the Bravo network, the 37-year old bachelor had been dating all his way in Charleston.  Relationshep would give him the chance to open up deeply and intimately with a woman he really cares for. Now, not only does he invite a woman, he’s also inviting his fans to follow him through this journey.

The teaser trailer was released after the Southern Charm Season 4 reunion. It’s teasing the viewers that they would see “a new Shep”. However, it’s still doubtful that the southern bachelor would find love at all. Adoringly called, Sheppy, he still needs to prove to himself and to his family he could be mature and could establish and commit to a long-term relationship with a woman.

The eligible bachelor admits that, “I’m so scared of making the wrong decision.” In the trailer, even with his looks and charm it will not be easy as other girls are willing to contest with him. However, if the girl is feisty would Shep fall for her? Or should she be sweet and conservative?

In the end though, what Shep really wants is a special partner to spend his time with because as he added, “Behind every great man is a greater woman.” It would be really exciting to see what kind of women he would chose and bring to Charleston.

Landon Clements, Shep’s co-star and friend from Southern Charm also commented, “She’s going to have to be pretty dynamic”, talking about the kind of woman Shep needs. She shares, “I mean, he does not stop moving… Being in a car with him is a nightmare. The whole thing shakes… he needs someone who can handle that much energy all day, every day.”

Shep RoseIn her opinion, he is very smart and quick-witted. He needs someone who is going to be able to stand up to his ways and go toe-to-toe with him a little bit but also someone who is sweet and fun. She added that whoever Shep dates, dates all his friends too.

The Bravo network hasn’t released the date of the upcoming awaited series yet but the fans can’t already wait!

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