Son of Late Governor of Punjab Confirms Death Threats from Militant Group of Clerics for His Christmas Message!

While some political analysts say that Taseer is clearly advocating peace, human rights, and criticizing notorious laws which are not only dangerous for minorities, they also believe that many are also tarnishing the image of Pakistan and Islam, details AAAP.

Since Taseer made his Christmas video message, several video messages from hard-line clerics have been circulating on social media since the holidays.

They are insulting and threatening the governor’s son with severe consequences and provoking their followers to attack him. However, no case has yet been registered against any of the clerics involved in actual hate speech against Shaan Taseer.

Human rights activists believe that most of those arrested for blasphemy in Pakistan are persecuted on false charges. The accusers often lack any real evidence to prove their allegations other than verbal testimonies. It suggests that the laws are widely abused by influential religious Muslims to settle personal issues.

A National Action Plan (NAP) was also made to deal with terrorism, sectarian violence, and intolerance in Pakistan.

However, the government has failed to effectively enforce NAP. Religious Muslim groups are forcing police to register false cases against minorities and they also gang up on the accused, her/his family, and defense lawyers when they appear in court.

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