Shameless Season 9 to be Renewed?

Believe it or not, but William H. Macy teases four more years of this show!

Ok, so we know that “Shameless” has been renewed for season 8, but many fans are asking themselves if this comedy-drama has more to offer beyond that? Well, if the show’s protagonist William H. Macy has his say in this matter, the answer is a resounding yes.

While he was speaking at a panel, Macy revealed that directing an episode of this show was anything but easy. Regardless, he is open to direct more episodes, and stated that the show “is going to run for four more years or so.”

Of course, the actor realized quickly what he said, and that the fans are all around him, so he urged his audience not to tell anyone else, because “Showtime doesn’t know yet.”

Fans of this show certainly want the series to continue for even longer than four more seasons, but we still have to wait and see if Showtime agrees with it. Good thing that the wait will not be boring, as we can look forward to the upcoming eighth season, which was announced in December 2016. Season 8 will have 12 episodes, and the premiere will be sometime this year.

And yes, even though we still have to wait for Showtime to announce anything, it seems likely that “Shameless” will get renewed again after season 8. After all, their season seven was its highest-rated one so far, and it is one of this network’s most watched shows. This show is among top five drama among viewers.

As far as the season 8 is concerned, William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum will return as co-stars in this season. It was a bit of a surprise, after news that the leading lady asked for more money. Rossum negotiated a new deal following a salary standoff in which she demanded equal pay as Macy, and more, to compensate for all those years when she was being paid less. Macy also recently renegotiated details of his contract. Sources say that he scored a raise that puts him in the upper echelon of cable dramas.

According to the synopsis of this show, in it, we get to watch the Irish American family Gallagher’s deal with their alcoholic father Frank. Fiona, the eldest daughter, takes the role of parent to her five brothers and sisters. Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam (half white & half black) deal with life in the South Side projects of Chicago. Fiona balances her sex life and raising her siblings. Every episode is another crazy situation that one or more of the Gallagher six get into. The family is fabulously dysfunctional, and the situations we get to see are too much alike those that happen in real life – just a lot funnier.

Which is probably why this show has become a key piece of Showtime’s original lineup. This drama has pulled off a rare feat of airing twice in the same year (last year) in an attempt to fill the gap in original scripted series that was created by Homeland’s delay to the beginning of 2017. Shameless is also a key asset for Warner Bros. TV which is trying to sell more series to premium cable outlets.

John Wells serves as the series showrunner, while Jeremy Allen White, Emma Kenney, Cameron Monaghan, Shanola Hampton, Ethan Cutkosky, and Steve Howey complete the cast of this Chicago-set family drama.

“Playing Fiona Gallagher has been one of the great privileges of my life. I’m so happy to continue w my SHAMELESS family! Back to work in May!” Rossum tweeted Dec. 14.

ShamelessSo, based on the time when they started shooting, our best bet is that the show will be back in September 2017.

As for what the new season has to offer, so far we know that the members of the Galagher family will keep on living their lives after losing their matriarch in season 7.

It ended with the children being in good places in their lives, and Frank was left mourning the passing of the love of his life.”The writers have been great with writing such outrageous things for my character to do,” Macy shared with fans. “And then every once in a while they plant a little moment of humanity and it keeps people behind Frank’s trajectory.And every once in a while you feel sorry for him and get a glimpse that there’s a person in there, and you’re willing to give him another break.”

That is all we know for now, but if we hear anything else, we will definitely let you know!

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