Samsung S8 To Get Wireless Headphones, Specs Leaked. Will The Phone Have Voice Powered Assistance?

Samsung devices have always had good cameras, and the same is the case for Samsung Galaxy S8. The phone is rumored to have a dual camera on the back. One will be 16MP while the other will be 8MP. Galaxy S8 might be the first device to have the autofocus functionality in the front camera.

With Note 7 Samsung pushed the technological envelope. However, the phone backfired on Samsung. The phones were recalled, and the whole smartphone industry, particularly Samsung will remember the incident and learn a lesson from the fiasco.

With Note 7 bursting into flames, Samsung will go all out with Galaxy S8. According to Forbes, the device will include the voice-based assistance system that Samsung has developed. Samsung has acquired Viv Labs and will now use the technology from the AI platform to develop the software for S8.

Samsung already had the S Voice application in their earlier devices, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a new digital assistant that will be voice powered. The new AI will feature in all of Samsung’s applications. The voice application will be called Bixby. With this new AI Samsung hopes to enter the ranks of Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

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