Samsung S8 To Get Wireless Headphones, Specs Leaked. Will The Phone Have Voice Powered Assistance?

Move over iPhone 7; Samsung Galaxy S8 is here with their very own in-ear wireless headphones. Rumors suggested that Samsung will not tread the same path as Apple when it comes to wireless headphones, but Indian Express reports that the South Korean giant will bring in the wireless in-ear headphones with their new device.

While reports suggest that Samsung is working on an in-ear wireless headphone, there isn’t any information on whether the headphones will accompany the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 or whether they will be available separately. Apple had sold the AirPods separately, and Samsung might decide to walk the same path.

Samsung is working on the new in-ear wireless headphones keeping Apple as their competitors. However, tech experts don’t have any information on whether the Samsung S8 wireless headphones will have the Harman audio.

Samsung recently acquired Harman audio tech, and while it can be used in the headphones, it doesn’t look like the company will use the new technology on the upcoming in-ear wireless headphone since they already seem to be in the development stage. Incorporating the Harman audio tech would take time, and this would delay the release of the wireless headphones.

Samsung already has the Gear Icon X, which is a wireless headphone and experts are wondering how different the new in-ear wireless headphones will be when compared to the Icon X.

Samsung didn’t have a good 2016. They had to face the aftermath of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle and are going all out to make sure that they can clean their reputation and work on providing customers with a phone that doesn’t jeopardize their life.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is lined up for a release. Since it is coming out after the problems of Note 7, it is one device that Samsung is monitoring closely. The device is important for the company since it will try and restore their former reputation and glory.

Reports suggest that Samsung is working on a dual curved display for Galaxy S8. The phone will have a 6-inch screen. Leaked photos of the phone show that the screen covers the entire phone with all the top and bottom bezel free.

The top bezel will contain the speaker, camera, and the sensors while the bottom bezel will only have the company logo. The Galaxy S8 will have an AMOLED display and will have a pixel density of 806 ppi. The phone will not have a 3.5mm headphone jack, which goes on to suggest that the users will have to go for Samsung’s new wireless headphone.

Rumors indicate that Samsung has decided to remove the Home button and go for a full display in the front. The capacitive buttons will replace the Home button.

Samsung S8 Wireless Headphones

With the Home button, out, there were worries about the absence of the fingerprint scanner. However, reports claim that Samsung will move the fingerprint scanner to the back of the phone. Since this report doesn’t have official backing from the company, there are numerous other speculations.

Speculations suggest that the fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S8 might be an optical one that would help the device read the print from the front display.

Galaxy S8 will be powered by the Snapdragon 835 SoC from Qualcomm. Rumors suggest that Exynos 8895 might also be used to power the S8. The S8 will have a 256GB model. However, there isn’t any confirmation on whether there would be an option when it comes to storage capacity. Samsung usually includes an external micro-SD slot and the same should be included in Galaxy S8 as well.

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