Rick and Morty Inspires $14k Szechuan Sauce Sale

The Adult Swim Show “Rick and Morty” is finally getting their third season, and the episode they kicked off with created a new global hyper-trend.

After 545 days of waiting for a new episode of their favorite animated show, the fans of “Rick and Morty” finally got what they were praying for. On the first day of April, Adult Swim decided to give us a single episode of the new season and it made waves.

Who are “Rick and Morty”?

For those who somehow managed to not find out about this show before, let us fill you in quickly, the show is about all the wrong things. We get to follow the adventures of an alcoholic crazy genius named Rick and his grandson Morty, who does not share his grandfather’s cynical views and is easily influenced by others. Rick is more than willing to take his grandson to adventures throughout the various universes which are a part of the show’s multiverse, even it that means he is constantly putting him in danger. The show started because Adult Swim loved the short parody of Back to the Future that it was at its inception. They Decided to go with a darker outlook and changed the names from Doc and Marty to Rick and Morty. But enough about the basics, time to talk about the new season.

What was the new episode like?

The new season opened with some of the surprising revelations that have become the staple of the series popularity.  The episode named “The Rickshank Rickdemption” was everything we hoped for and more. Since the episode aired almost a month ago, we are more than capable of making a spoiler heavy article, since we assume you saw it if you had the chance. However, still be warned, it is spoiler heavy.

This new episode is full of plot twists and surprises, first of all, The Galactic Federation is now in control of Earth, and they weaponized the Eiffel tower, Summer went grave robbing, Rick and Summer went to the Cronenberg universe where they found out that cannibalism (relative) is what is keeping people alive, and Morty shoots Rick with a gun. All in all, it was a great episode but we are leaving out the biggest plot twist, for now.

And that plot twist is what caused the storm of memes, tweets, and video clips and, of course, the 14,700 dollars packet of sauce.

So, What is the Deal With the $14k Sauce?

Turns out that the seller was cleaning out an old car he recently purchased and found an unopened package in it, he didn’t think too much of it but figured that there must be a collector out there who would pay for it. (well, he actually said that he wanted someone to eat it, but that is too sinister, even for Rick and Morty as it is long expired and probably quite dangerous to eat right now). Anyhow, the bidding war went insane and the single package of the 20-year-old sauce was ultimately sold for $14,700  and we can only hope that the buyer doesn’t actually decide to eat it.

rick and mortyWe can’t speak for you, but we are hyped about the new season if a single episode managed to get reactions that are this crazy from their fans.


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