‘Rambo 5’ is Officially Over as Stallone Does Not Think It Can Do Better than the Last Rambo Film!

With that being said, it is just fitting that it is Stallone himself who ended all hopes for fans to see another round of John Rambo in “Rambo 5” as he was the one who said that the movie was a go a little over a year ago.

In an interview early last year following his announcement about “Rambo 5,” Stallone was quoted as saying that he was getting ready for the movie and that he already started working out.

He said that John Rambo is going to be appropriately vicious and all that stuff, but intellectual, a killer with a heart of sort, or smart yet stupid. He also added several more analogies including tall yet short, broad but thin, and that they shall cover all boundaries for “Rambo 5.”

Prior to his confirmation of “Rambo 5” late in 2014, Stallone was already sold with the idea that the franchise has finally ended in 2008 when John Rambo was seen towards the end finally returning home.

In fact, he was even quoted then as saying that for Rambo to go on another adventure might be misinterpreted as a mercenary gesture and not necessary. He said that he does not want that to happen to his iconic role. Apparently, something changed his mind so “Rambo 5” became a go for a while. Now it’s back to no-go.


  1. Go for it. If he can do one like, the one with Van Dam, then he can pull it off. Have a story line like, Rambo goes to Ft Bragg and meets with top security officials in a war room, for request from the president on a hostile environment rescue mission. Fully equipped. Black out… Raven.. Raven over.. Johnny can you hear me lonewolf

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