Radio Flyer Introduces $500 Tesla Model S Electric Cars for Kids Complete with the Iconic Tesla Logo and Lithium Ion Batteries

Tesla electric cars are no longer for adults anymore, at least in the US. American toy company Radio Flyer seems to have worked out a rights agreement with American electric carmaker Tesla Motors Corporation and the former has recently released a tiny version of the Model S complete with the iconic Tesla logo and lithium ion batteries.

Tesla Motors Corporation may have thought of the agreement as a non-traditional way of advertising its existing Model S and its other electric car lines for that matter including the upcoming Model 3 which is why it agreed to cede the right to Radio Flyer.

But the tiny Tesla Model S car from Radio Flyer is not really a vehicle but merely a battery-operated toy whose exterior design was based on Tesla’s sedan released a few years ago. Beyond its exterior look, the rest of the toy car is just a toy.

Radio Flyer claims that the trendy toy runs longer and charges faster than competing products in the toy market, reports Inhabitat.

Fitting the electric car experience to kids

The toy company reportedly wants to take the luxury experience of driving a Tesla Model S and shrink it to fit kids ages from as young as three years old to eight.

The toy Tesla Model S is also equipped with an MP3 sound system and working headlights and brakes. It also has a front trunk, called as the frunk, but just enough to fit a soccer ball and football.

The car weighs 40 pounds and is 52 inches long and 28.5 inches wide. It has a carrying capacity of 81 pounds, just about right for children eight years old and below.

It comes in various colors including red, blue, silver or white and it can go as fast as six miles per hour. But the parents of kids can actually reduce the speed limit to three miles per hour. The wheel rims of the tiny Tesla Model S come in silver or matte black color.

The price of the toy Tesla Model S from Radio Flyers start at $499 and comes with a 130Wh standard battery, which is sufficient to run the car from one to two hours. Parents can also opt for the 190Wh premium battery to allow their kids to use the toy electric car for up to three hours.

There are also upgrade features similar to buying an actual brand new vehicle. Vanity license plate costs $20, and parking signs require the buyer to shell out an additional $25. There is also a $50 cute car cover which forms part of the toy car’s accessories.

The upgrade from ordinary to a premium battery is also part of the extra for an additional $60 which would also address the range anxiety for kids, similar to the problems of today’s most electric car owners in first-world countries.

It also comes with a charge port which is located in the same place as the real and full-size Tesla Model S, which is behind one of the taillights, for added authenticity to the original model.

A flimsy construction

There are some reviews for the toy Tesla electric cars from Radio Flyer that are on the negative side including claims of a flimsy construction, which is again similar to what the original and Tesla Model S got when it was released to the market a few years ago.

Critics, however, think that it will likely prove popular enough to require a lesson in sharing, notes Green Car Reports.

It would be interesting if Radio Flyer will come out with a toy version of the Tesla Model 3, the upcoming mass-production sedan from the American electric carmaker. It would certainly cost the toy company around the same amount in producing a toy version of the Tesla Model 3 as much as it did in manufacturing a Tesla Model S toy version.

Incidentally, the projected mass production schedule for the Tesla Model 3 is late 2017 yet. By then, Tesla would have already several years of manufacturing experience so it would really be easier for the company to build the smaller Model 3 electric vehicle.

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