Pokémon Go Survival in 2017 is Dependent on Niantic Listening to the Feedback of Fans and Being Quick to Address Their Issues

AdditionalPokémon Should Be Offered

At the present moment, only a limited new Pokémon can be caught in the wild. No new pocket monsters have been added other than a few Gen 2 eggs and Ditto. Bearing in mind that more than 700 different creatures are available in Pokémon GO, Niantic should be generous in letting them out so that players don’t get bored catching the same old Pokémon.

Reinstate the Battery Saver Mode

Before the last update of Pokemon GO, if the mobile device was in Battery Saver Mode and the player turned it upside down, the screen used to go dark. The video game will also crash erratically. To address this issue, Niantic decided to eliminate this feature. Fans would also like Niantic to bring back this Battery Saver mode but obviously minus its usual problems.

Exchange with Friends Should be Added in the Game

Exchange with friends in Pokémon GO was not particularly popular, to begin with. But the practice became common as more people latched on to the title. Right now, communication with friends is only imaginable in Gym Battles. Pokémon Go will be benefitted if the players feel that they are interacting with their friends or actual people in place of make-believe creatures.

Stay tuned to us for more news and updates on Pokémon Go for the year 2017.

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