Pokémon Go Survival in 2017 is Dependent on Niantic Listening to the Feedback of Fans and Being Quick to Address Their Issues

Post its release, Pokémon Go, as a game and not just the Pokémon’s featured in it, has gone through the process of evolution in itself. To name a few, Niantic has included a new tracker, the Buddy System and Generation 2 eggs to the game. Although, it’s still popular with the fans, and whenever the weather permits to complete the Pokedex going after that one Hitmonlee is no bother at all.

However, there is yet much scope for improvement as far as the game is concerned, here are some of the things that fans would like added to their favorite game Pokémon Go, in the year 2017.

Firstly, fans would like to see some new Pokémon. Ever since the release of Pokémon Go in July, we have been able to find a handful of Pokémon in the wild. Apart from Ditto and a fistful of selected Generation 2 eggs, not a lot of monsters were available to be caught out there in the world.

In spite of the presence of more than seven hundred pocket monsters in the Pokémon mythos, Niantic is taking their own sweet time in including them in the game.

Fans desperately want that by 2017, the Pokémon from Generation 3 will be initiated into the game. Niantic is going to piss a lot of fans if they don’t find themselves capturing Trapinchs and Feebas into their poke balls by the end of 2017.

The major issue, which the fans of Pokémon Go had with Niantic was its lack of communication with them. Managing the bugs and problems will be a lot easier to do only if Niantic simply acknowledges that they exist, in the first place and then start working on them.

However, with Niantic, talking about the problems sometimes felt like shouting at a concrete wall. It was as if Niantic was not bothered.

Although, since the preliminary release, things have got better. When a bug or serious problem continues with Pokémon Go, Niantic is quick to come on Twitter and assure the user base that the problem is being worked on.

If Niantic takes the initiative to inform fans a day before about events such as the coming of special eggs or incubators, then fans would be able to change their playing style accordingly.

Niantic Should ImproveIts Communications with Fans

Fans who were plagued by bugs and crashes were angry with the way their problems were handled by Niantic. By improving their communication systems with the players of Pokémon GO they can substantially increase their popularity and their chances of success in 2017. They should acknowledge that there are problems with the game and guarantee the fans that they are busy fixing them.

Make It Easier to Catch Common Pokémon

Pokémon Go Survival in 2017

It’s quite annoying to come across a very common Pokémon and waste some poke balls or even great balls to capture it. Niantic should make it less hassling a task for fans to capture this type of Pokémon. It is already problematic to level up when a player reaches the 20s. Instead, low-CP Pokémon is still fairly difficult to capture.

Fix the Style of Gym Battles

The Gym Battles in Pokémon GO lacks subtlety and panache. It is highly recommended for Niantic to make some enhancements that will prevent players from getting fed up. The game developer ought to create means of attack having a real impact to the opponent.

As it is now, training Pokémon to protect the gym is not worth it since a Dragonite with more than 3,000 CP can easily kick its backside.

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