One Punch Man Season 2: Rumors that Sonic Might Defeat the Invincible Saitama

It’s been two years since the debut of the first season of One Punch Man and a year after since the English dub. In the last week of September 2016, the studio behind the series officially confirmed that it will be renewed for another season. It’s been so long since the announcement and fans can’t any longer.

However as we are waiting for the official premiere date of second season, there are other numerous rumors already surfacing. But who could be so talented and strong enough to take Saitama out? Who could defeat the unstoppable and seemingly invincible Saitama?

Rumors claiming that One Punch Man second installment will feature Saitama experiencing his first defeat persist. Fans of the hit anime series speculate that Garou will be the one to finally make the bald superhero fall. The Human Monster makes sense especially since he is Saitama’s opposite in almost every way.

According to recent speculations, Saitama will have his taste of first defeat in the hands of Sonic. That first taste will most likely remain sour, don’t you think? Especially when he didn’t know it was coming. This rumor rooted from the recent issue of the manga version of One Punch Man, where Sonic featured throwing knives at the photo of unbeatable hero, Saitama.

The current issue also explores the back story of Sonic which includes his history. It revealed he actually came from a village that trains Shinobis. There are also other two members of Sonic’s kind who were later revealed that they are members of the Monster Association even though they look like real humans.

It was also divulged in the issue whoever eats the Monster Cell will become a monster. Two members of Sonic’s kind brought him the Monster Cell for him to eat so that he can become one too. This might be the reason for the hypothesis that Sonic will be the one to defeat Saitama. The instruction was to eat the cell raw.  Sonic ate the cell quite differently though, he grilled it and seasoned it with wine before eating. In this manner, we can’t overly conclude yet that he will eventually become a monster and will beat Saitama.

The Monster Cell is common in the Manga series but it hasn’t been introduced yet in the adaptation.

However, you might want to read and catch up with the rest of the manga series as there could be additional information that might show on the anime show.

The Manga went viral in 2012 and broke into the Japanese anime scene in 2015. For those who are unfamiliar, the series tells about the story of an overpowered man who could beat his enemies in just one punch. The unique and interesting storyline was the very reason why it became a hit and fans are craving for more.

one punch manNevertheless, it is not definite yet if the anime series will adapt the story from the manga version. Would you want the story to be the same or put some twist in it? Personally, I haven’t watched an adaptation that followed its source exactly yet. So maybe Sonic will or will not defeat Saitama or maybe another worthy opponent will or just Saitama will not relent and still remain unbeatable. We can only just speculate until its release.

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